Tips To Get the Most Out Of Your Industrial Building and Warehouse Landscaping Efforts

Tips To Get the Most Out Of Your Industrial Building and Warehouse Landscaping Efforts

Most industrial buildings are usually not known for their architecture and beauty. Commercial businesses use these buildings to manufacture and move out their products. However, a warehouse or industrial building does not have to look ugly. You can add a few touches to build your brand and promote a well-crafted image for your business.

Yes, the outside of your commercial spaces will say a lot about your company. You want to find the right landscaping elements to boost the appearance of all your outdoor spaces. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your industrial landscaping efforts.

Boost the Entrance’s Appeal

You might think that an entrance just needs a front door. However, your entrance is the first place to make a great impression on your clients. Most customers will not walk up to the direct warehouse, but they will come to the front entrance to pick up products, pay a bill, or conduct some other type of business. It is important to make them feel welcomed.

An entrance with some big and bright pops of colors will attract visitors to your building. Plus, customers and employees love to see colorful flowers and plants breaking up a gray or white building. You might want to think about rotating plants and flowers on a seasonal basis for an added boost of color. Don’t forget about those pedestrian entrances. With their deep green color, boxwoods are the perfect backdrop for colorful flowers.

Highlight Your Company’s Signage

With a great sign, you can direct your customers to the entrance and potentially attract traffic from the street. You might want to use trees, perennials, and shrubs to create layers around the sign. However, it is crucial not to overwhelm the space. Since the sign promotes your business, you need a way to highlight it. Shrubs on each side of the sign can make it look bigger for a better impact. Landscaping around the sign will make it harder to miss.

Think About Trees

Trees are outstanding landscaping elements. They provide a dimension, color, and texture to your outdoor space. Since industrial buildings, distribution centers, and warehouses are horizontal, trees can add a vertical element to your areas. You need to think about the type of trees to add to your landscape. Evergreens provide some gorgeous green throughout the year. In the winter, think about planting a few dogwoods with red branches for seasonal color.

If you have trees around your property, you need to keep them properly maintained. While you can change your landscape, it does not help if your property looks cluttered or dirty. Along with that, you need the proper maintenance to prevent any accidents on your property. Make sure to pay attention to those walkways, hedges, and tree branches. Any of those spaces could be a hazard if you leave them unchecked. A company specializing in commercial lawn care services can handle it if you don’t want to tackle those chores by yourself.

Spruce Up Your Seasons

Trees can add some seasonal color, but your property can really pop with flowers and plants. In the spring, add some cheerful blooms. By summer, your landscape can come alive with splashes of blues, purples, and pinks. Fall is another great time for color with yellows, reds, and oranges. You can rotate your plant selection out for the season and create some added interest throughout your landscape.

Keep Away Pests

With all your hard landscaping work, you don’t want pests and rodents residing in those spaces. Make sure that all garbage is removed. Plus, you can add some elements that keep them away. Gravel is a better choice for cover around buildings. Ground cover is pretty, but it can make a habitable home for mice.

Plan Your Parking Lots

Parking lots are the last place where you might think of landscaping. Most lots have islands scattered throughout the space, and those areas are perfect places to add color and texture. If you live in a hot environment, place a few trees for some shade. Some shrubs and trees are a great way to introduce color into the cold, harsh parking lot.

Provide Adequate Lighting

If you want to keep visitors, employees, and others safe, you need lighting around the entrance and walkways. Lighting can highlight specific spaces on your property, such as the company’s sign or entrance. Along with that, great lighting can highlight the building’s architecture and provide a little drama. Even trees can be illuminated for more interest in your landscape. Along with enhancing the beauty of your landscape, lighting can keep your facility secure. Lighting is known to keep away would-be thieves and intruders from breaking into your building.

Engage Your Employees

Happy employees are more productive. You can boost workers’ morale by adding some well-manicured spaces for them to sit outside and eat. In many places, employees will use these spaces to hold a meeting or take a break. Fresh air and sunshine can break up the day for your workers. Adding benches, colorful plants, and water features will create a relaxing space for guests and employees to visit.

Go Green

While upgrading your building with greener technology, you can incorporate some of those elements into your landscaping plans. If you have a lawn, you know that it requires a lot of water to remain green and lush. You can reduce water consumption by replacing the grass with native plants. Many companies are going green, and you can talk to a commercial lawn care service to find the right options for your industrial building.

Let Us Help With Your Commercial Needs

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