What is the best tree or shrub for privacy?

What is the best tree or shrub for privacy?

When you have an outdoor space, you want to enjoy it throughout the year. However, many yards lack privacy and can be exposed to the neighborhood. Fences are fine, but they can make your yard look stark and cold. For a more natural element, trees or shrubs can add some extra privacy to your yard as you enjoy your outdoor sanctuary.

The Different Types of Privacy Trees

Before you go and purchase trees or shrubs, you want to find the right one for your yard. Many homeowners choose evergreens for their privacy needs. As they mature, these trees will fill in and offer a consistent look for your yard. Evergreens are great because they can maintain color throughout the year.

Deciduous trees are another option for your yard, and they can come in many different varieties. In addition to that, they can make a colorful privacy screen for your yard. Unfortunately, these trees can lose leaves in the fall, and they don’t often year-round privacy.

Find the Right Tree or Shrub for Your Yard

Every property owner should consider their needs when deciding the right trees for their outdoor spaces. You need to know important aspects of the yard like slope and size. Homeowners should also know what to expect as the plantings mature in the future. Here are some things that you should know about selecting the right privacy trees and shrubs for your space.

Height and Width of the Privacy Screen

When you add trees and shrubs, you must know the full mature size of the plant. Trees and shrubs will continue to grow throughout the years. You want them to be large enough to block out the neighbors, but they shouldn’t be so tall to interfere with power lines or your home. You should also be mindful of the width of the tree or shrub. If you plant along the property line, you need to make sure that your plants will not encroach on the neighbor’s yard. Before you plant, it is vital to know the full width of a mature plant to determine the space needed between each tree.

Usable Space

If you have a small space, you will want to select tall and thin trees. For those with large yards, you can also add fuller hedgerows to your outdoor space. Before you add plants to a driveway, walkway, or patio, you should know how the roots will grow. In some cases, they can expand outward and push up your concrete or pavers.

Maintenance Levels

All trees, shrubs, and plants need maintenance to grow. Some hedgerows will need regular pruning to keep them at the right height. If you are looking for a low-maintenance tree, you should consider a medium-height evergreen tree. They don’t require much pruning and can still give you enough privacy in your yard.

Best Trees for Privacy

Now that you have the size, slope, and other measurements for your yard, it is time to select the right trees for your outdoor space. There are many choices on the market, and you can find one to meet the needs of your yard.

The Thuja green giant is the best tree for privacy, especially for those who need a tall tree. This evergreen can grow between three to five feet per year, and they stay a vibrant green throughout the year. Leyland cypress is another fast-growing evergreen. It will grow about three to five feet per year and reach a mature height of 50 feet. The Nellie Stevens holly is a hybrid of Chinese and Blue holly, and it can grow into a pyramidal shape that reaches 25 feet in height and 15 feet in width.

If you are looking for a classic tree, you cannot go wrong with the American holly. This tree is native to North America. It is planted as a natural privacy tree, and it can grow to 50 feet in height. These trees thrive in well-draining soils. For those with plenty of space, you will want to choose the Eastern white pine. This sturdy evergreen has feathery needles, a straight trunk, and an open canopy. These trees are fast-growing, and they can live for many years.

For those who want a cluster arrangement, you should select the Blue Point juniper. These evergreen trees can provide homeowners will year-round privacy as they grow into a pyramidal shape. Finally, the Blue Ice Arizona cypress is another excellent choice for your yard. These trees have a reddish-purple bark with blue-gray leaves flecked with white. The cypresses need full sun, and they thrive in hot and dry environments.

Add Some Privacy Shrubs

You can have some privacy in the yard without adding large trees. If you want to create a private outdoor space, shrubs are a great alternative. They are suitable for creating an instant hedgerow to give you enough privacy at the mid-height level.

Boxwoods are the most common shrubs to create a privacy screen. They can grow dense and be shaped into a variety of shapes. Boxwoods are also low-maintenance and stay a green color throughout the year. Privets are unusual as they are semi-evergreen and semi-deciduous. You will need to maintain them to keep them in shape. In the spring, they produce a white flower that can add a visual appeal to your yard.

For an easy-to-grow shrub, you will want to plant some Schip cherry laurels in your yard. These evergreens can grow in full sun or complete shade. The medium leaves have a refined look, and they can create a layered effect. In the spring, you can see stalks of fragrant white flowers. These laurels are some of the hardiest trees, and they respond well to pruning. Finally, Hicks yew is another excellent choice for mid-sized privacy screens and hedges. The branches are covered with dark evergreen foliage that creates a narrow hedge for your yard.

Trees and shrubs are a great way to add privacy to your outdoor spaces. They add an aesthetic appeal that will make you want to enjoy your yard throughout the year. If you need help on choosing the right trees and shrubs for your yard, make sure to consult the help of a professional landscaping company.

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