Commercial Landscaping Services For Parks in PA

If you have ever dreamed of a great outdoor space, we are the company for you. Since 2009, Pennsylvanians have been counting on the expertise of Charlestown Landscaping.

We provide mowing and fertilizing services for all properties including single-family homes, estates, commercial office buildings, shopping centers, HOA’s, Parks, and municipalities.

Commercial Landscaping Services For Parks


From large to small parks, these open spaces are the perfect environment for visitors to kick back and relax. If you want the community to enjoy these unique places, you need a commercial landscaping company. We have the expertise to help you keep those green spaces looking great throughout the year.


For your park, you want all those open areas to look well-maintained. If you have a large space, it can be challenging to maintain this area by yourself. You could break out the heavy equipment to tackle these jobs, but that only creates more work for you.

Those smaller parks can also present some challenges. The space might be limited, but you still have to mow the grass, replace spent flowers, and trim the trees. With the help of a commercial landscaping company, you never have to worry about these issues again.

Commercial Lawn Management Services For Parks in PA

  • Weekly Mowing & Trimming
  • Aeration & Over Seeding
  • Wide Area Field Mowing
  • Restorations & Repairs
  • Fertilizer & Weed Control Programs
  • Complete Renovations


Whether you have a small or large park, you want a manicured appearance for these green spaces. Any park can have some trees or flowers. However, if you want to increase your park’s attendance and beautify the local community, you should think about adding some extra elements to your space.

Commercial landscaping is an excellent way to enhance these areas. Our teams make sure that your chosen flowers, grasses, and trees thrive in your local climate. Your visitors will enjoy the labors of our hard work as they spend a fun day in your park. Municipal or private parks can all benefit from Charlestown Landscaping’s services.

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Services For Parks in PA

  • Spring Cleanup / Bed Prep
  • Seasonal Flower Rotations / Annual Spreads
  • Summer Pruning
  • Pre Emergent Weed Control Applications
  • Trash Cleanup
  • Weeding & Cleaning
  • Mulching
  • Weekly Lawn Mowing
  • Fall Pruning, Cleanup & Removal


If you maintain a park area, you want to have a space that everyone can enjoy. For an added boost to these green areas, you should incorporate some color with the addition of flowers.

These seasonal blooms can be rotated throughout the year for additional interest. Based on your climate, you want to choose the right variety that can thrive in your area.

When you hire a professional landscaping team, you can install the right flowers for your park. We understand what works with your park’s architecture. Our teams take the time to tend to these elements over the seasons.

You can even elect to have the flowers rotated throughout the year. With this service, you can have a touch of color for every season. A beautifully landscaped park is more likely to see return visitors during the year.

Snow Management Services For Parks in PA

  • Snow Plowing & Pushing
  • Snow Stacking & Hauling Off-Site
  • Shoveling & Snow Blowing
  • Ice Check Service
  • Salting for Parking Lots & Walks
  • 24/7 Storm Damage Cleanup


When offered a choice between a dull landscape or an aesthetically pleasing one, visitors want to spend their time in a well-maintained outdoor space. You want to create a welcoming space for your visitors. We can make your park shine in the community.

We’ll install those elements that make people want to come to your park. There is no reason to neglect your outdoor space. With the right help, your park will be the talk of the town, and you will welcome visitors throughout the year.

Sealcoating Maintenance Services For Parks in PA

  • Sealcoating for Parking Lots & Driveways
  • Patching
  • Crack Repair
  • Line Striping

We can help with all your outdoor spaces. If you want more information, make sure to call or fill out the contact form.

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