Front Walkway Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Front Walkway Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Outdoor Spaces

When you own a business, you want to make sure that every element of your property catches the eye of new and returning customers. You put time and effort into your business, and you don’t want to leave out any details. However, most people often overlook their property’s most essential feature: the front walkway. If you have clients coming to your office or headquarters, you want a welcoming space for them. A neglected landscape does not make a great impression. Your front walkway needs to look its best to greet your employees, clients, and guests. Here are a few ways that you can enhance the look of your front walkway for those commercial outdoor spaces.

Improve Your Design

Walkways are essential, but they are often overlooked on your property. When these areas are improved, it can boost the look of your commercial space. As a business owner, you understand that your company and landscape go together. Meeting clients in a poorly maintained landscape sends the wrong message. If you are serious about the look of your commercial outdoor spaces, there are a few ways to brighten up those landscaped areas.

Create a Beautiful Pathway

If you have an old walkway, it might be time to install a newer path to your office. You can always get some input from employees and clients about what should be added to your front space. For those who are creating a new walkway, you should avoid any multiple curves or sharp turns. You never want to send clients through a maze to reach your front door. It is better to stick with straight or sweeping curves to give a more formal impression to your entranceway. These natural pathways will complement the design of any landscape. You also want to have plenty of space for a walkway. You should design a space with at least a minimum width of 4 feet. Before you dig, consider the shape of the path and traffic flow. As visitors walk up to your building, give them enough room so that they can admire the rest of your property’s beautiful landscape.

Boost Your Borders

It can take a lot of planning to design a functional walkway. You can use a few methods to boost the look of your outdoor space. Many property owners create a whole new concrete path, but others will look for ways to add a new feature, like a border, to these spaces. You can line the sides of the path with an edging of sawdust or wood chips. Landscaping rocks also make excellent liners for your pathways. You might even want to use colored rocks and stones for added beauty to your borders. Small shrubs and ferns are the perfect cover plants, and they fit into those tiny border areas. You might want to use native plants to provide some beauty throughout the year. As an added bonus, these plants require minimal maintenance.

Add Ornamental Flowers

Ornamental flowers are always an excellent idea for your landscape. If you want some more color, consider placing a few beautiful flowers along the walkway. With a touch of color, you can break up the concrete path’s harshness. There are many choices for your space, and you can choose the right selections with the help of a commercial lawn care company. These professionals have the expertise to find the right colors and species for your space. Flowers can add beauty to your office building during the spring and summer. In addition to that, these plants are often easy to maintain.

For those edges, you should choose the low-growing verbena. Variegated liriope works well as a border plant, and it can even tolerate the occasional trample from pedestrians. If you are looking for color, you should select a perennial flower like the hibiscus. Tulips are also popular choices to brighten up your commercial landscape. However, you always want to make sure that these flowers highlight your walkway and not block them. You don’t want clients having to fight through a jungle of shrubs and flowers to make their way to your office. Some commercial lawn care services can help you choose the right shrubs, trees, and flowers for your space.

Shed a Little Light

Safety is always a concern for property owners. You want to keep those pathways safe and visible after the sun has set. There are several ways that you can incorporate low-voltage LED lighting into your landscape design. Many property owners choose LED products because they are efficient, need little maintenance, and last for several years. You might even want to look at solar-powered lights to cut down on energy and installation costs.

When you place these lights on your property, they need the right amount of space. You never want too many lights on the property, or it can look like you are stepping into a spotlight. It is important to allow the shape of the walkway to determine where you place the lights. These lights should be situated at the walkway’s entrance, spots where the path changes direction, and near the path’s end. During those darker days, your visitors will appreciate the added lights as they keep everyone safe on your property.

Make Your Space Shine With Commercial Landscaping

If you are ready to take your landscaping to the next level, you need the assistance of a professional landscaping and lawn care company. Many of these companies offer design services that can improve the look of your outdoor spaces. With the right design concept, you can find a landscape that will fit perfectly into your property.

At Charlestown Landscaping LLC, we will strive to help you achieve a landscape that will promote your business, attract more customers, and revitalize your outdoor spaces. From snow removal to lawn care, we can improve the look of your space. If you want to boost the appearance of those tired outdoor spaces, make sure to reach out to us. You can schedule a consultation by calling our office at (610) 608-3965.

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