What should I expect from a landscape designer?

What should I expect from a landscape designer?

If you have not worked with a landscape designer, you might not know what to expect. These expert designers can help you to achieve the landscape of your dreams. Most of these designers will have a set process to create your outdoor spaces. With some help, you can finally say “goodbye” to a dull, uninspired space as you enjoy the results from these landscaping professionals.

How Much Will It Cost?

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to hire a landscape designer is around $4,300. However, that doesn’t mean you will spend that amount on your job. Simple projects may only require a short consultation to meet at the site. For most people, a landscape designer is an affordable and valuable part of designing a beautiful and functioning outdoor space.

The First Meeting

The first meeting might be free, or there could be a fee attached to the service. When you meet with the designer, you want to have some ideas to present to him or her. This first step is required to walk around the property and understand what you want to accomplish with the design. This meeting is also the time to discuss the budget for your project. You will be asked about how you want to use your outdoor spaces. By preparing for your initial meeting, you can make good use of this time. During this meeting, the designer will evaluate your property’s natural resources, the home’s design, and the surrounding neighborhood.

Add Your Ideas

If you have hired a landscape designer, you probably have some ideas about your property. You should think about the types of flowers or garden areas that can add to your home’s beauty. These elements can transform a dull sitting area into a relaxing atmosphere. Your designer will want to know your input on layout, amenities, and lighting features for the project. When you meet with the designer, you should always add your preferences to the design. Before the planning stage, you want to give the designer a sense of what you want to accomplish with your outdoor plans.

Creating a Landscape Design Concept

After you have met with the landscape designer, work will begin on a design concept. In this initial design concept stage, the overall layout will give you the preliminary placement of trees, shrubs, and flowers on your property. At this time, the initial design is essential to make sure that you and the designer are on the same page as you envision a beautiful landscape for your home. If you are not happy, you can request changes to the plans. For those who want to move forward, you will confirm the layout of the space. Small or straightforward projects might skip these steps.

Mastering the Landscape Design

You should think of the first landscape design as a starting off point for you and the designer. At this stage, it is not uncommon to request some changes. You do want to verify whether changes are included in the plans, or if there will be a fee for any revisions. Some landscape designers will charge for a modification. These plans will either be hand-drawn or created with a computer CAD program. The designer’s plans will allow you to see the potential changes to your property. At this stage, you still have time to add some amenities, such as a deck or patio. Your designer will probably start to ask more questions concerning the final sections of materials, including grass types, landscape edging, or paver varieties.

Copies of the Design

You might want to get a copy of the design, but you should not be offended when the designer does not print one for you. Many designers consider their plans to be a piece of intellectual property, and they will not give you a copy unless you pay for the design. This can help to prevent someone from taking their ideas and replicating them with another designer. The designer has spent time meeting with you, measuring the area, and creating the design. They want to ensure payment for their hard work.

Signing on the Project

Your landscaping project might take a few weeks to complete. You should know where all the details will be located on your property, including walkways, patios, trees, and flowers. At this stage, you will get a final invoice from the designer with all the associated costs. Once your down payment is received, your project will start the construction phase of the design.

Handling the Paperwork

If you have done any work on your home, you know that there is a lot of paperwork for a project. Your designer will process the permits with your town to help you save time and money. In most cases, your designer knows the permitting process and can provide all the proper documents to get started on the job.

Dealing With Construction

With a designer, you don’t have to deal with contractors or bidding on a job. In most cases, the designer handles those tasks. However, you are always welcomed to find your own crews to work on your project. For the most part, the designer has a trusted team of contractors that will complete the job to your specifications. During the construction phase, the designer will monitor the process and provide on-site support to the construction crews.

Final Inspection

When the job is completed, you will want a thorough inspection of the site. A good landscape designer will go over the project with a punch list of the site. With a completed list, you will know that the job was done correctly.

Design the Dream Landscape for You

Charlestown Landscape can help design an exceptional space for your outdoor spaces. Whether you have a business or residential home, we can create a peaceful outdoor space for you. Our team knows the latest landscape design trends to match your needs and budget. For those who want to schedule a consultation with us, please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form.

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