Best Mulch Material for Commercial Property

Best Mulch Material for Commercial Property

Mulching does more than improve the look of your property. It can help protect your landscape from weeds and soil erosion. Mulch is your first line of defense against extreme temperatures and soil diseases. If you want to have a great-looking property, you need to add mulch to your outdoor spaces. Before you start, here are some materials that will work best for your commercial property.

The Benefits of Mulch

It is important to understand the benefits of mulch. In general, all mulches will reduce your watering needs and improve moisture retention in your soil. Depending on the mulch type, these materials will decompose naturally for added nutrients into the ground. Mulch will keep down the growth of weeds, and if one does appear in your yard, you can easily remove it. These materials can also help guard roots against extreme temperature fluctuations and compacting soil. Finally, mulches add an aesthetic appeal to your yard as it breathes new life into your landscape.

The Different Types of Mulch

If you are ready to add mulch to your yard, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the right materials. There are many options that you will want to take into consideration for your yard. All these mulches have some benefits and disadvantages. With this information, you can choose the right material for your commercial space.


This type of mulch is available as pine straw, shredded bark, or nuggets. Pine straw will break down slowly in your yard. It gives your landscape a much softer and unique appearance when compared to other mulches. In addition to that, pine straw will increase the acidity level of your soil, and it is an excellent choice for areas with conifers, azaleas, and rhododendrons. Many people choose this type of mulch to add a layer of protection around new ornamentals.

Shredded pine bark provides moisture retention for your plants, and it can be easily spread around your property. Pine bark will break down quickly as it allows the nutrients to enter the soil. Nuggets are another option for those who want to use pine in their yards. You can buy these nuggets in a small or large size. With this type of mulch, the nuggets will last longer than straw or shredded bark. However, it is a looser mulch that tends to become dislodged during heavy rainfall. Nuggets also perform poorly for those who want a mulch that can help with water retention.


Hardwoods are a popular type of mulch. You can get this mulch in the form of shredded bark or wood chips. Shredded bark is one of the most affordable types of mulch. Many people love it because the bark compacts closely to each other. You can use it on slopes without worrying about it washing away in a rainstorm. Shredded bark is a by-product of the lumber industry, and it is known for being easy to spread around the yard. This mulch also slowly breaks down into the ground, and it is an excellent choice for those who want a natural-looking landscape. While it does provide many benefits, hardwood mulches will increase the alkaline in your soil. You may have to add fertilizer to some areas of your landscape if you have acidic-loving plants.

Wood chips are a more durable type of hardwood mulch. You will see this type of mulch near walkways, paths, and playgrounds. When it starts to decompose, wood chips can create a high carbon to nitrogen ratio in your soil. If that happens, you could end up with nitrogen deficiencies in the ground.

Cypress Mulch

If you are looking for mulch with a golden color, you might want to turn to cypress. This type of mulch will naturally repel insects and fungus. In addition to that, the color of the mulch will reflect the sunlight so that your space will stay cooler in the summer. Due to its matting capabilities, cypress is also known to prevent soil erosion.

Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch is known for its woodsy scent. While this mulch is more expensive than other varieties, it does last longer in your landscape due to its resistance to decay. The oils in the wood will naturally repel insects. Since it is a long-lasting material, it will not add any nutritional benefits to the soil. Depending on the color of the mulch, the lighter colors will reflect the sunlight, and the darker colors will absorb all that sunshine.

Rubber Mulch

All the other varieties are known as organic mulches. If you want an inorganic material, then rubber mulch might be the choice for you. These muscles are usually found on playgrounds, and they make for a soft surface. Rubber can be used around plants and trees, and it does a great job of preventing weeds and deterring pests. However, this permanent mulch does not break down, and it will not help improve soil quality. The rubber mulch cost is expensive, but you can find it in a wide range of colors.

Dyed Mulches

For those who want a specific color for their landscape, you might want to consider dyed mulch. These materials come in a large selection of colors, including brown, black, and red. The color is made from a water-based dye, and it is safe for pets and people. These dyed mulches will retain their color for a longer period of time than non-dyed varieties. Most dyed mulches are easy to spread and provide a more vibrant appearance to your landscape.

Need Help With Your Mulch?

You can count on the team at Charlestown Landscaping to help choose the right mulch for your commercial space. We have the experience to find the right materials that will work best with your yard. Our team can install and maintain it throughout the year. In addition to that, we can also assist with landscape care and other commercial services. To learn more about the services at Charlestown Landscaping, please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form.

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