Ten Reasons to Hire Professional Weed Control Service

Ten Reasons to Hire Professional Weed Control Service

If you are a commercial property owner or manager, you might not have time to handle all those landscaping jobs, especially weed control services. Weeds are a pesky problem that can damage the appearance and health of your landscape. You want to take care of those issues as soon as possible. For the most effective way to combat weeds, you need the help of a professional weed control company. Here are 10 reasons to hire a professional weed control service for your commercial space.

1 – Use Professional Herbicides

When you want to get rid of weeds, you might grab a product from a home improvement store. However, for those bigger spaces, these products can harm the local environment. Your city might have a ban on certain herbicides or pesticides. Along with that, the weed control formulas at the hardware store do not have enough strength to fight those weeds. If you want an effective way to control weeds, commercial weed control products are the best choice. In addition to that, these landscaping experts know how to apply these products to your outdoor spaces.

2 – Protect Your Grass with Professional weed Control Service

There are many popular types of grasses, including fescues, bluegrasses, ryegrasses, and bentgrasses. When weeds grow and develop, they will compete for nutrients with the existing grass in your property. Without air, water, and nutrients, your grass can develop diseases, and your lawn can become a breeding ground for other pests. When you use the right landscaping team, your grass remains happy and healthy throughout your property.

3 – Perform Soil Tests

A severe infestation of weeds could be tied to the quality of your soil. Soil can become a favorable environment for algae, insects, and pests. All your lovely flowers and shrubs will start to be affected by those unwanted guests. If you have used a standard herbicide without any results, it might be time to schedule a soil test. A professional weed control service company can conduct a soil test and find a solution to your problem. With this test, you can be assured that your soil’s pH levels are correct. You will also know if you are using the right herbicides and fertilizers.

4 – Boost Organic Matter

Organic matter is found all around your property. This matter in the soil helps the trees, bushes, and other plants to flourish in your landscape. A good balance of organics benefits the local environment. Once you have completed a soil test, you will know if you need to raise those organic matter levels in your outdoor spaces. Your commercial landscaper will suggest the best ways to improve your soil.

5 – Effective Professional Weed Control Service Sprays

If you want to rid your soil of any contamination, it needs to have a certain pH level. Some sprays will prevent weed growth, but they can destroy all your plant life. Organic sprays are highly effective against weeds. With these sprays, you can get rid of weeds and protect those delicate flowers and shrubs in your landscape.

6 – Mulch Maintenance

Mulch is another way to control weeds in your landscape. It can keep the soil moist to prevent weeds from sprouting on the surface. While you may need professional weed control treatments to stop unwanted growth, mulch is a great way to prevent some weeds in your commercial landscape. In addition to that, your commercial landscaping team can remove and replace all that old mulch from your property. When mulch becomes old, it is less effective in preventing weed growth. With that, you can have a weed-free space that looks great with a fresh application of mulch.

7 – Pre-Emergent Control of Weeds

Once the weeds have germinated and matured, they can quickly become a serious problem for your landscape. You might think the only way to treat weeds is after they have made an appearance. However, with a pre-emergent treatment, you can stop weeds before they develop. These solutions will target the soil and prevent the germination process of the weeds.

8 – Proper Grass Cutting Methods

Mowing and trimming are more than pushing a lawnmower across the lawn. Since there are a variety of grasses, each species has a specific cutting length for healthier growth. Your commercial lawn care company understands these proper cutting techniques. If you cut the grass at the wrong height, it can harm the growth pattern. Since you have already hired a professional team for weed control, make sure to use their mowing services. These professionals know how to prune and cut your landscaping for an attractive appearance.

9 – Professional Edging

You want your commercial landscape to look well-maintained. Edging is one way to give your space a professional appearance. Like mowing, edging is more than trimming near the sidewalks. Your professional company will edge the lawn to provide some symmetry to your property. Edging can complement the look of your flowers, shrubs, and trees. Weeds can even be controlled when you schedule regular edging with a professional weed control service company.

10 – Make a Great First impression

If you have a small business, it is important to make the right impression with your commercial property. Many potential clients or tenants will decide to use your services based on the appearance of your outdoor spaces. You want to put your best foot forward with a professionally manicured area. Weeds can make your property look unmaintained. Before these pests become a bigger headache for you, reach out to a company that offers commercial lawn care services. They will help find the right solutions for your property.

Professional Weed Control Service for Your Commercial Property

At Charlestown Landscaping LLC, we want to improve the appearance of your commercial spaces. We can control those damaging and unsightly weeds throughout your space. You don’t want to battle these weeds by yourself. Our team uses effective methods to rid your lawn of these invaders. Along with that, we offer lawn care, tree maintenance, and much more. If you are ready to schedule a consultation, please give us a call at (610) 608-3965.

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