Restaurant Landscaping Ideas To Boost Your Traffic

Restaurant Landscaping Ideas To Boost Your Traffic

If you are a restaurant owner, you want to find new ways to attract customers. In addition to your food and drink specials, other factors will influence a person to choose your restaurant. You don’t just want to draw in those first-time customers, but you want to build that repeat business. When someone is looking for a place to dine, they want a clean and aesthetically pleasing site. By adding a boost to your outdoor landscaping, you can attract those customers and keep them coming back to your place. Here are some ideas that you will want to add to your dining establishment.

Greet Guests With Greenery

Every restaurant owner wants to make a great first impression. With an updated green space, you can create an inviting place for your customers. Your entrance probably has concrete near the front of the building, which can create a harsh appearance. You should add some shrubs, flowers, or greens to this open space. When you add some greenery, your business will feel more welcoming to diners.

A few simple planters can even boost the appeal of your entrance. If you need to add some more ideas, you should consider creating an entryway with some added colorful foliage or plants. For those popular dining spots, you might have a waiting list for your diners. You should place benches for those waiting customers. All these ideas can create a relaxing space for your customers.

Create a Fun Outdoor Space

For many diners, they love the opportunity to dine outside on a beautiful day. Patios are an excellent place for people to kick back and relax. With an outdoor restaurant patio, you have an endless supply of landscaping ideas to boost your space. You can use trees and plants to provide extra shade in place of umbrellas. Small shrubs and flower baskets can give your area a little boost of color and add a border to your patio. If you are looking for privacy, you might want to consider climbing vines or plants for an intimate atmosphere.

For those restaurants that experience colder weather, a fire pit or fireplace will give your guests a cozier feel during the spring or autumn nights. Before you start adding plants and flowers to your space, you should do some research. For example, you don’t want to place plants that attract bees near the dining areas since that can create a negative experience. Diners don’t want to “shoo” away bees as they try to enjoy their meal.

Grow a Chef’s Garden

Many diners are fascinated by the restaurant experience, especially learning about the growing process of the meal’s ingredients. By growing your own herbs and vegetables, you can help entertain your customers. Some restaurants are even adding more complicated systems, such as aquaculture or hydroponic growing spaces. These unique features can separate you from the other restaurants in the area.

Many people want a “farm-to-table” experience with freshly picked herbs, fruits, and vegetables. If you’re going to go for something simpler, a vertical growing system will allow you to grow your own strawberries or greens. Your kitchen staff can harvest these ingredients and incorporate them into seasonal dishes.

Change With the Seasons

As a restaurant owner, you know that new ideas will keep your diners coming back to your spot. By swapping out a few elements, you can add those changes to your outdoor landscape. When you update your landscape design, you can give your diners a new look for every season. These improvements can provide some charm to your space as your patrons will appreciate your restaurant’s beautiful and fresh look. You can easily change out plants and flowers with the seasons by adding new textures and colors to your space.

Many people know about transitioning the landscape from the summer to fall seasons. However, you can keep up with those seasonal changes throughout the year. Winter is a great time to add dark green shrubs with a pop of color. Once spring rolls around, you might want to add some color to break away from the drab winter days. Not only will you keep your regular customers coming back, but these changes can help attract new diners with a fresh and updated look.

Water Creates a Soothing Environment

The sound of falling water can give your space a soothing atmosphere for your diners. While you might think that this feature is expensive and complicated, it is easy to add a water feature to your restaurant. You can purchase small waterfalls to place around the lobby or dining area. For some restaurants, a large fountain is a centerpiece to an outdoor patio. If you want to think about a bigger impression, you should consider a koi pond or a babbling brook to your restaurant. With any water feature, you will need to maintain it to keep your staff and customers safe.

Add a Trellis

For those restaurants with a patio or outdoor space, you should think about adding a trellis. This element gives you an excellent opportunity to add some more greenery to both your indoor or outdoor areas. Outdoor spaces are a great place for your restaurant to host events. The trellis can serve as the main focal point for a speaker, band, or wedding. If you have a trellis over a door, your guests can be greeted with a touch of fresh greenery and flowers. With any greens, you will want to keep them maintained so that they don’t give your space an unruly appearance.

Attract Those Customers

All these features can help you attract and keep customers coming to your restaurant. If you want an impressive patio feature or just add a touch of color, Charlestown Landscaping can handle the job. Our experienced team will help you design the landscape around your business. With some updated features, your restaurant will stand out and bring in more diners. If you are ready to upgrade your restaurant’s appearance, make sure to fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation.

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