What Is The Difference Between Turf Builder And Fertilizer?

The Difference Between Turf Builder And Fertilizer

Many homeowners want that luscious, weed-free grass in their yards. However, the process of avoiding dying grass and battling weeds can be challenging. If you are looking for your yard to grow healthy and stay green, you will need certain nutrients for your lawn. You can achieve a beautiful lawn with a few products. These lawn products can decrease the number of weeds as they feed the nutritional needs of your lawn. While you may think that all fertilizers are created equal, there are a few distinctions between them. Here are a couple of things that you should know about the differences between turf builders and fertilizers.

The Basics of a Healthy Lawn

If you want your grass to thrive and grow, it will need hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. You can usually get the first three from the natural environment, including the air and water. However, the last three nutrients are hard to find in nature. Nitrogen will help your lawn to look green and grow stronger. Potassium is added to help grass with stressors, such as drought and disease. Root growth and seed sprouts are stimulated with a healthy dose of phosphorus. Since you cannot find these nutrients in your local environment, you will need to add some lawn care products to make the grass healthier in your yard.

Since these macronutrients are unavailable in the natural environment, you will need to use fertilizer to add them to your lawn. Most fertilizers will have phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, and sulfur. In addition to those nutrients, fertilizers also contain chlorine, boron, copper, iron, zinc, and nickel. If you are looking for a certain percentage of nitrogen and other chemicals, you can check the numbers on the fertilizer’s bag. For example, a bag with 12-10-8 means that the product contains 12 percent nitrogen, 10 percent phosphorus, and 8 percent potassium. Other nutrients are listed on the bag as various percentages.

While it is vital to add nitrogen to your lawn, there are a few variations with the products. The type of nitrogen makes a huge difference for your grass. For the best results, you need to know how the nitrogen is released and distributed on your turf. Many low-cost lawn fertilizers will contain fast-release nitrogen. As a result of that, your grass will stay green for about two weeks, and then the color will fade. With a professional fertilizer, there is a mix of fast- and slow-release nitrogen to help your lawn look green throughout the season.

Fertilizers and Turf Builder

You now understand the importance of fertilizer for your grass, but what product should you choose? With the right product, your lawn will steadily grow throughout the season. When looking for fertilizer, there are various types of products available for your soil.

At your local garden center, you will find two types of fertilizers: organic and synthetic. The organic fertilizers are created with natural products, such as compost, manure, and bone meal. With these organic products, your lawn will reap more benefits than using synthetic products. In addition to that, natural products are less likely to cause harm to the environment.

Synthetic fertilizers use inorganic compounds or chemicals to provide nutrition to your lawn. For many homeowners, they choose these products because the plants can quickly absorb the products for faster results. However, these fertilizers can runoff into the drinking water and contaminate the supply.

When choosing a fertilizer for your yard, you want to choose one that will meet your needs. For many people, they select the fast-absorbing products for their lawns. There are some downsides to these products. If the plants do not absorb the fertilizer, then those essential nutrients can be lost. These issues are usually found in synthetic fertilizers. With a natural fertilizer, the nutrients are more likely to remain in the soil for a more extended period.

One type of fertilizing product is called Turf Builder, and it is a brand-name product manufactured by the Scotts Company. There are several types of Turf Builder products, including Weed Control and Summer Guard. All these products are inorganic, and they are usually applied to a wet lawn during the late spring season. You can find Turf Builder in a liquid form that needs to be sprayed on the grass. While this is a name-brand lawn care product, you can also find many generic products that act in a similar manner.

This brand is promoted as a miracle fertilizer that can improve the look of your lawn and help it thrive throughout the year. Turf Builder is known to build a thicker lawn, and it can help control those weeds without the need for an additional weed-killing chemical. While there are benefits for this type of fertilizer, it is still a synthetic product that could harm the soil. If you are looking for a product with limited side effects, you should choose a more natural option, such as manure. While Turf Builder can stay on your lawn longer, you will need to reapply throughout the season. You might want to consider a natural fertilizer if you want those essential nutrients to remain in the soil for a longer period.

Choose a Fertilizer for Your Lawn

Before you select a product for your grass, you need to prioritize the needs of your yard. If you are looking for some extra benefits, you might want to use a synthetic product like Turf Builder. A natural product might be more beneficial for those concerned about the long-term health of the soil.

If you still have questions about the fertilizer and weed control options for your grass, you should contact the team at Charlestown Landscaping. We can help you find the right solutions to achieve that lush and green grass. In addition to helping with fertilization and weed control, we can take care of your entire space with lawn maintenance, landscaping care, and much more. To schedule a consultation, please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form.

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