The Landscaping Benefits Of Installing Sod

The Landscaping Benefits Of Installing Sod

You might want to consider adding sod to your outdoor space as a way to improve the appearance of your lawn. While sod does cost more than grass seeds, there are many benefits to using this product in your yard, especially if you want a lush lawn without the hassles. Before you rush out to the store and purchase some sod, here are some things that you need to consider for your yard.

Instant Lawn

With a sodded lawn, you never have to wait to achieve that well-manicured yard. Sod can turn your bare patches of soil into a grass-covered lawn in a matter of hours. There is no wait to enjoy a gorgeous green space. For those who want instant satisfaction, this is the product for you. A sodded lawn will also allow you to maximize your time for outdoor activities, such as entertaining. If you are waiting for a seeded lawn, you cannot use part of your yard until the blades have started to mature.

Sod comes to your home already grown and is ready to use once it has established on your soil. You do want to wait at least two to four weeks before heavily using the lawn. Sod does need time to adjust and grow into its new environment. After that time, you might want to conduct light activity for a few weeks.

When you seed your lawn, it may take weeks to see signs of growing grass. In some cases, it can take up to 18 months before your grass starts to fill in. For those months, your lawn will look unattractive and bare. Once it does begin to grow, your grass will have a patchy appearance. Young grass blades are susceptible to damage as they are very delicate. Some activities, such as walking on the grass or playing, can result in trampled grass. In addition to that, your lawn will be covered with straw or other materials to protect the seeds, and that can make your outdoor space look messy and unattractive. If you don’t want to wait for a lawn grown from seed, then you should consider sod as an excellent alternative for your yard.

Less Irrigation

Once you have installed the sod, you don’t need a regular watering schedule. While sod does need regular irrigation to keep the roots moist until it is fully established, it will not dry out like a grass-seeded area. With a seeded lawn, you should water it about four times a day for the necessary moisture to start seed germination. Sod only needs to be watered twice a day for the first couple of weeks. Frequent watering can be time-consuming and costly. With sod, you will not have the intense maintenance workload to keep it growing.

Get a Dense Lawn

For many people, they want that lush grass throughout their outdoor space. With a seeded lawn, you will have bare spots in areas where the seeds do not germinate, or the blades are not growing as expected. When that happens, you need to do extra work for your lawn, such as reseeding. Those pieces will fit together to give you an even and lush yard if you choose a sodded lawn.

Added Soil Protection

Since grass seeds rest on the top of your ground, they are more susceptible to the elements, such as wind. When you seed a lawn, you need to keep them protected so that they can germinate and establish into the soil. If the seeds are young, they are more likely to blow away in the wind or get washed away with rain.

Sod is a thick mat of established grass, and it can control mud, dust, and erosion. With this type of grass, your soil will be kept in place with an adequate cover. When you cover the ground, there are fewer spots for mud to build up in the yard, and that means less dirt tracking into your home.

When sod is installed on steep slopes or hills, it can help to stabilize the area. A sodded lawn also absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen in the air. As a result of that, you can enjoy cleaner air around your yard. A sodded lawn has another added benefit as it can muffle noise for a more serene environment throughout your outdoor space.

Add Value to Your Home

You know that a well-landscaped lawn can improve the look of your yard. There are other benefits to a sodded lawn, including adding value to your home. In some cases, you can add 15 to 20 percent to your home’s value. Natural grass is a soft and clean surface for your children and pets to play. You can also enjoy a more comfortable and fluffier lawn with a sodded yard. With a seeded grass yard, you always run the risk of growing in sparse and uneven blades.

Reduce Heat in Your Yard

If you are looking to reduce the heat around your outdoor space, you should consider sod for your home. On a summer day, your lawn can be 30 degrees cooler than those areas with rock or asphalt. In some cases, sod can be 15 degrees cooler than bare soil. For those who want to take advantage of these benefits, you can add sod to help keep your yard cool and comfortable throughout the summer.

Sod Is a Great Choice for You

Sod is an excellent choice for your home. Once it is installed, sod can be used in two to four weeks, and you can install it throughout the year. Sod can save on the water bills since it needs less water than seeds.

If you want to add sod to your outdoor spaces, Charlestown Landscaping can give you the lawn of your dreams. After we help select the right product for your home, we can maintain it with our lawn care services. For more information about our lawn care and maintenance services, please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form.

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