Pennsylvania Tree & Shrub Care Maintenance Tips

Pennsylvania Tree & Shrub Care Maintenance Tips

With a few shrubs and trees, you can really boost the appearance of your landscape. They provide shade, add oxygen, and offer some pleasing aesthetics. There are plenty of popular shrubs and trees that thrive throughout Pennsylvania, but you need to know how to care for and protect them throughout the year.

Popular Trees in Pennsylvania

You can find a large variety of trees in Pennsylvania. Some of the most popular species include white and red oaks. Both of these trees provide shade and some other benefits to the local wildlife. Red oaks will grow fast and reach a height of 50 to 70 feet tall. They have a straight trunk, dark foliage, and sturdy branches. White oak is another species with strong branching, but it is lighter in color than other types of oaks.

Another tree that you will find in Pennsylvania is the river birch. This species can be found along riverbanks and other areas with moist soil. The river birch features cinnamon-colored bark with a thick arch. They can reach a height of 35 to 45 feet tall.

One of the most loved flowering trees is the American dogwood. In the late spring, this tree is covered with pink and white flowers. The beautiful burgundy foliage stands out during the autumn season. Along with that, these trees produce red oval fruits that the local birds can enjoy.

The red maple is a common shade tree, and it is known for its reddish-gold to bright red foliage. This is another fast-growing tree with three-lobed leaves and pointed tips. There are several types of red maples, including the October Glory and Red Sunset.

Popular Shrubs in Pennsylvania

Like the trees, there are several popular shrubs in the state. The rhododendron is a common shrub in many landscapes. It will bloom in the spring with yellow, red, pink, or purple clusters. Once it has been established, the rhododendron is a low-maintenance shrub. These shrubs make an excellent choice for any property.

Peonies are another easy to maintain shrub, and they do not require much watering from you. They provide plenty of pink blooms that are guaranteed to brighten up a landscape.

You can find plenty of hydrangeas throughout Pennsylvania. These shrubs are fertile, and they provide partial shade to your landscape. Along with that, these hydrangeas produce large flowers during the growing season.

Best Times To Plant These Shrubs

When you need to plant these shrubs and trees, you want to add them to your space at the optimal time. In Pennsylvania, autumn is the ideal time to plant trees in your landscape. However, some tree species might not be available until the spring. During the spring, those newly planted trees must be provided with plenty of water.

If you are planting, make sure to choose a cloudy day. Bright sunshine can dry out the tree’s root system. For those sunny days, you can use a cardboard box to block out the sun. Make sure to water the roots after you have finished planting them.

Speaking of water, you want to water the space for the tree or shrub on the day of planting. Once it is planted, make sure to give it a long soak of water. These shrubs also need plenty of room to grow and develop. You should plan to dig a hole about twice the size of the roots.

Caring Tips for Your Trees and Shrubs

For healthy trees and shrubs, you will need to prune them. However, some pruning should be done by a company that specializes in commercial lawn care services. Younger trees should not be harshly pruned for the first few years. You can remove those low branches to help encourage trunk and root growth. It is not recommended to prune more than 35 percent of a tree’s foliage.

It can be dangerous to prune a mature tree. With these cases, you want to consult with a professional arborist. Some of these professionals know about thinning cuts to promote growth. Mature trees should not have more than 25 percent of foliage trimmed in a year.

Shrubs should be pruned in the late winter. With this schedule, the wounds will begin to heal, and new growth can develop. Those summer and fall flowering shrubs are best pruned in the spring before the buds open. At this time, the shrubs have a better chance to produce healthier leaves. If you want to prune those spring shrubs, you can grab the shears right after they are done flowering for the season. Any early pruning can prevent those flowers from developing for the next season.

Watering Your Trees and Shrubs

If you want a healthy tree, they need to be watered regularly. For the best results, these trees need a long, deep watering. You want to keep a watering schedule for them. If your area is prone to drought, keep that hose handy for a long drink of water.

Like trees, shrubs also need to have a long and deep watering. You can leave the hose at the base of the shrub so that the water will seep down to the root zone. Drip irrigation is a great way to add the proper amount of water to your shrubs.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

April and May are the perfect times to fertilize those trees. You might want to feed them during the late fall when they enter their dormant stages. Make sure to spread the fertilizer evenly over the soil. Shrubs can also benefit from feeding in late April or May. You want an even distribution of the fertilizer over the soil.

Get Professional Help for Your Trees and Shrubs

If you need any help with your trees and shrubs, reach out to the professional team at Charlestown Landscaping LLC. We understand the needs of these species in the Pennsylvania area. You can count on us to keep your landscape healthy throughout the year. Leave all the hard work to us! Please give us a call at (610) 608-3965 to schedule a consultation about your commercial lawn care needs.

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