Landscaping Tips for Commercial Properties

Landscaping Tips for Commercial Properties

If you want your landscape to look flawless throughout the year, you must maintain the lawn, trees, flowers, and other elements on your property. A well-maintained space increases your reputation and invites customers to your business. Many property owners often put the maintenance of these outdoor spaces on the back burner. However, with commercial landscaping, you can present the best image to your clients and surrounding community. If you need some tips to maintain your commercial space, keep reading this guide. With a few tricks and ideas, you can boost the look of your outdoor areas.

Your Landscaping Matters

If you want to enhance your commercial property’s appearance, you need to take care of a few key areas. A beautifully landscaped property not only looks great, but it can create a healthier environment for your employees or tenants. In turn, many people will have a favorable opinion of your business and property. Those who need help with their landscaping should reach out to a professional lawn care company. These professionals have the expertise to make your outdoor spaces stand out from other businesses.

Pay Attention To the Entrance

If you have a commercial building, you will want to create an appealing and inviting entrance for your workers and clients. You can spruce up the entrance with a few potted plants or small shrubs. The main entrance should be free of any debris and garbage. No one wants to walk up to a building that looks like it is unmaintained. For an added touch, think about using materials with different colors and textures. Unique pathways are the perfect way to attract new customers to your business.

Add Some Plants

As mentioned, plants can do wonders for the appearance of your landscape. You can frame your company’s sign with shrubs and plants. With some brightly colored plants, you might even catch the eye of those would-be customers. However, make sure to choose plants that will complement the style of your landscape and building.

Buy Some Outdoor Furniture

You might not think about it, but those outdoor spaces are perfect for meetings or other gatherings. Outdoor furniture is an excellent way to allow your employees to enjoy the beautiful landscape. It is also an ideal spot to meet with potential customers.

Add Some Decorative Hardscapes

Along with trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants, you might want to use some decorative features, such as fountains. Stone walkways and colorful flowers are the perfect way to create a pleasant environment around your property.

Provide Better Visibility

Trees are lovely, but they can block the entrance and other parts of your building. You want to have your building seen by people in all directions. By using bright colors, you can make the building “pop” in the neighborhood. Outdoor lighting is also essential for any business. Not only does it help with security, but it increases your visibility in the community. Your property will shine at night with a little extra lighting.

Now that you have found ways to improve the look of your commercial property, there are some other things that you will want to keep in mind. Maintenance should be your top concern. With these tips, you can keep your property free from hazards throughout the year.

Inspect for Damages

You always want to take time to walk around your property. With a little stroll, take note of any wear and tear throughout the grounds. Damage can include sinkholes, broken pavement, and other walking hazards. When you spot an issue, you want to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Check Your Irrigation Systems

For your landscape, it is vital to have a working irrigation system. If there are any damages to the irrigation system, it can lead to problems for you. You always want to check the valves, sprinklers, nozzles, and water pipes for any damages. Whether they are working or not, check these components before you have an issue with soggy soils and floods.

Clean Up Any Debris

If there is litter around your property, clean it up. No one wants to visit a place that looks like a garbage dump. Clean-up should also be completed around your trees, shrubs, and other spots throughout your property. With a little extra care, you will make a great impression with your clients and employees.

Use the Right Fertilizer

If you want your plants and grass to remain healthy throughout the year, you need to feed them at the right time. You can use compost from around your property or add some commercial fertilizer to your spaces. Whatever you choose, make sure to read all the instructions and feed at the ideal time for your grass and plants.

Overseed Your lawn

Most patches in your lawn can be fixed with overseeding. These seeds will germinate in the ground and fill in those unsightly spots. Once the grass has grown, you will want to mow it. By cutting, you can keep up the appearance of your turf as it remains healthy throughout the spring and summer.

Control Weeds and Pests

Weeds are an eyesore for many commercial property managers. They can pop up and choke the life out of your flower beds and grassy areas. You can use some chemicals, but you should leave this job to the professionals. They have all the tools and equipment to get rid of weeds and pests.

With a few tips, you can boost the appearance of your property. If these chores seem like too much work, then it is time to find a company that offers commercial lawn care services. They can help you keep your property looking great throughout the year.

Need Help With Your Commercial Lawn Care?

If you are ready for some assistance with your commercial property, turn to the Charlestown Landscaping LLC team. Our company understands your commercial needs. From mowing the grass to irrigating your lawn, we can help with all those tasks. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please give us a call at (610) 608-3965.

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