Apartment Landscaping Ideas to Impress Renters

Apartment Landscaping Ideas to Impress Renters

When you look at your apartment complex’s landscaping, what message is it sending to prospective renters? You want to have green spaces that create a welcoming atmosphere around your apartment buildings. The right landscaping will draw people to your property. Once your tenants have moved in, you want to retain them by keeping up the maintenance of your outdoor spaces. If you are looking for a few apartment landscaping ideas to impress any potential renters, make sure to follow these helpful tips.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

With a combination of landscaping and hardscaping, you can create a relaxing space for your tenants. You might want to design a courtyard that centers around a water feature. Make sure to add benches and sitting areas for those tenants who wish to enjoy the area. You should also consider adding a mixture of low-maintenance plants and shrubs that flower from spring to fall. By finding the right combination of plants that bloom in succession, your property can enjoy color throughout the year. If you mix in some evergreen bushes, you can liven up your property with year-round greenish tones.

Soften Up Harsh Concrete

Concrete spaces give your property a harsh look. While most of your sidewalks are made with concrete for safety and accessibility, you might want to add wood, dirt, or natural stone to secondary pathways throughout your complex. Garden elements, such as colorful plants and fresh mulch, can complement these walkways. These landscaping features help to soften up the look of your concrete spaces.

A serene pathway can mimic a walk in the woods. If you have streams or creeks, then make sure to build an arched bridge over these water features. Any lakes and ponds will benefit from a trail that travels along these bodies of water. Ponds give you an excellent opportunity to enhance the natural beauty of your property. As another benefit, you don’t have to spend much on your budget to achieve a beautiful appearance. You can place some plants around the edges of your lake or pond. Crushed stone and shells can minimize slips and falls around these spaces. In addition to increasing the property’s aesthetics, you also add to the safety of the space. Since many people enjoy spaces with water features, you might want to build a viewing area. These features are guaranteed to attract renters who want a space to relax outside their apartments.

Add Some Shade With the Help of Trees

If you own or manage an apartment complex, you should think about adding a few trees to your space. Trees are excellent options to create a welcoming environment for your property, and they provide plenty of shade throughout the year. For those who want to attract attention, you might want to place a few trees on parking lot islands or in open areas. All these trees will create an appealing atmosphere for potential renters. Along with that, these trees are the perfect solution for those who want some shaded parking.

Provide Light Throughout Your Property

Potential renters want to feel safe in your community. For that reason, you need to provide plenty of light to your complex. If you have trails, add some landscaping lighting to those areas. You don’t need bright lights, but you should provide enough light to prevent accidents or falls on your property. All your apartment entrances and exits should have plenty of light too.

You should always be concerned about safety. For those pool areas, make sure to have plenty of light in locations around the deck and seating spaces. Decorative landscape lighting will give your space enough light by the exterior areas. However, you need brighter lights in the pool space to help protect the residents from slips or falls.

Add a Dog Park

Many renters live with pets, and they often choose complexes that have amenities for their furry friends. You should add a dog park with fenced-in trees for these pooches. If you’re going to make a great impression, it might be time to design an impressive dog-friendly addition to your property. You could install automatic waterers and water features for the dogs. Along with that, obstacles allow the dogs to play and climb in the fenced areas. These spaces are easy to maintain, and they add a valuable feature to your apartment complex. For those who want these elements for their complexes, some commercial lawn care services can help you design pet-friendly spaces.

Spruce Up Community Areas

If you want to attract more renters, it might be time to spruce up those community areas. These spaces are an excellent way for residents to congregate and enjoy their free time. You can encourage the use of these spaces by freshening up the gravel or mulch. In addition to that, make sure to update the flora around these locations. Pavers can boost the appeal of those picnic areas and benches. Fire brick can also enhance the look and keep the dangerous heat away from other landscaping elements.

You can encourage other renters to use the area by placing taller grasses and evergreens near the patios. Not only do they improve the look, but these landscaping elements offer some privacy to your tenants. For those properties with a community building, you should landscape the exterior spaces. Potted flower beds and plants mixed with benches and chairs allow your renters to enjoy the weather as they have some privacy. With all these additions, you will create a serene patio space.

Need More Landscaping Ideas?

When you create a beautiful space, it is more welcoming to potential renters. In turn, they will want to choose your property for a new home. A well-maintained complex shows that you care for your property. If you need help with your commercial lawn care, then reach out to a professional company. At Charlestown Landscaping LLC, we have the experience to make your apartment complex shine and attract renters. Don’t hesitate to call our office at (610) 608-3965. You can schedule a consultation for your commercial rental property.

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