Apartment Landscaping Ideas for Increased Tenant Occupancy

Apartment Landscaping Ideas for Increased Tenant Occupancy

Your landscaping says a lot about your apartment community. You want to entice potential renters to choose your property. With the right landscape, you can create a welcoming feel that will draw in tenants. Once your renters have moved in, you need to maintain the property with a professional commercial landscaping company.

Here are some ideas that you can use for your apartment community.

Create Welcoming Outdoor Spaces

With a landscaping and hardscaping combination, you can create a courtyard with plenty of space for a water feature or benches for the residents. Low maintenance shrubs and plants can add a pop of color for the spring through the fall season. For the best results, you can select a plant that will bloom in the spring and combine that with one that blooms in the spring. For extra pop, make sure also to choose your colorful fall plants. Evergreen bushes are perfect for adding a little green color and texture to your outdoor areas.

Add Trees for Some Shade

Trees are a great way to add some shade to your apartment complex. In addition to that shade, trees can boost your curb appeal throughout the property. For those apartments with patios, you want to select trees that are easy to prune without a deep root system. Placing trees in parking lots and open areas is another way to attract new renters with a well-maintained look. If you live in a hot climate, trees can also provide shade for parking.

Limit the Concrete

Concrete can add some harshness to your property. You do need concrete for the sidewalks, but you can make walkways with other materials. Wood, natural stone, and dirt paths can be added to create small trails in the complex. If you are looking to spruce up sidewalks or parking areas, fresh mulch chips and plants can soften the harsh look of the concrete.

For those dog-friendly complexes, you can make the spaces more convenient for pet owners by adding poop bags and trash cans along the trail. If you are lucky to have natural streams or waterways on the property, an arched bridge over the creek will add a cozy touch to the area. Ponds and lakes can be easily accessed with a trail that heads to those water elements.

Ponds can add some natural beauty to your apartment complex, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a statement. You will want to place plants around the pond’s edges for a more natural look. If you are worried about slips and falls around the pond, crushed stones and shells can be added to the surrounding area. These shells and stones are also a deterrent to stop people from entering the water. Residents will love a viewing area of the pond. You can create it with an addition of benches and natural fauna.

Light Up the Area

With any apartment complex, you will want to add light to the property. Lights can increase the security to your buildings as well. You might want to think about adding landscape lighting near the apartment entrances and trails to attract renters. Lighting near trails and sidewalks are great for those tenants who want to take walks at night. You need to choose a light that can illuminate a space but not add too much brightness for that area. If you have a pool area, lights will add some visibility to the space.

Don’t Forget the Dogs

For those pet-friendly communities, you might want to add a dog park to your complex. You can create a fenced-in area with a few trees. If you’re going to get fancier, you might want to add a water fountain for the dogs and trash receptacles in the play space. Dogs love to climb and hide, and obstacles are a great way for the pets to get some exercise. These spaces are easy-to-maintain and add value to your property.

Spruce Up the Pool Area

Many apartment complexes have pools. If you have one, you will want to add some bushes or flowering trees around the space. Fresh wood chips, hardscape decor, and flower beds can be added to the concrete borders for a softer look. You might even want to add a few picnic tables and grilling areas for your tenants. Trees should be added for additional shade around the pool. Fire pits can also be added as an extra feature for those cooler nights. Decorative landscape lighting will provide some light near the pool. Floodlights will also increase the safety and visibility in the area.

Update Community Areas

Tenants in your apartment will need community areas for groups and parties. If you want to update these areas, you might want to freshen up the mulch or add flora to the space. Fire brick or pavers can be added to the spaces with grills and picnic tables. Evergreens and tall grasses will encourage your renters to use the area.

If you have a community access building, exterior landscaping will invite your tenants to use the space. A patio is an excellent feature that can be spruced up with flower beds and potted plants. Patio tables and picnic tables will encourage your renters to make new friends and enjoy the apartment community. You can hold events for the tenants as a “thank you” for choosing your apartment complex.

Get Some Apartment Landscape Ideas

When you create a welcoming and beautiful space, it will encourage people to rent in your community. Great landscaping can even catch the attention of potential renters as they drive past the property. Your property will look well-maintained and attractive to the local community. All these reasons will encourage new renters to choose your complex. Charlestown Landscaping can help you find the right features and elements for your apartment property. We can create a landscape design that will make your property shine throughout the area.

If you want to learn more about Charlestown Landscaping’s services, please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form.

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