Will a Shrub or Tree Fungus Treatment Really Help? What To Expect

Will a Shrub or Tree Fungus Treatment Really Help? What To Expect

If your shrubs or trees have a fungus problem, you will want to treat them with the right products. However, do these treatments work in all situations? Certain fungal diseases can turn aggressive and damage your trees. In some cases, you may not be able to save your tree or shrub. Before you start the treatment process, you need to know about the effectiveness of this shrub or tree fungus treatment.

Identify Tree and Shrub Fungus

If you want a successful treatment of your shrub or tree, you need to identify the disease. In some situations, these diseases are not worth the cost of treatment. The severity of your tree or shrub disease must be evaluated. For those trees or shrubs that are ravaged by an infection, you may have to replace it.

There are some cases where the problems affecting your tree are not the result of a disease. Some environmental factors cause symptoms that mimic a disease. In reality, it is the lack of water or nutrients that can create problems for your shrubs. Before you start treatment, proper identification is important for the health of your tree or shrub.

Common Tree and Shrub Diseases

In Pennsylvania, several types of diseases can affect your trees and shrubs. While you may want to handle these issues by yourself, you should hire a professional to identify these diseases. In the early stages of the infection, treatment can be successful. If the tree is too sick to save, you may have to remove it from your property.

Verticillium Wilt

If you have a deciduous tree, you need to keep an eye out for these fungal diseases. The leaves of the tree are greatly affected by this disease. They will be smaller than average and have browning edges. In some cases, the foliage only appears on one side of the tree. One telltale sign of verticillium wilt is the discoloration of the branches. There will be a distinct streaking pattern along the branches. While verticillium wilt cannot be eradicated, you can stop some of the severe effects of this disease.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Bacterial leaf scorch is commonly found in Pennsylvania. Trees with these diseases will experience a browning of their leaves. Like verticillium wilt, bacterial leaf scorch cannot be cured. You can suppress this disease with the right treatment. The symptoms can be slowed so that you can enjoy a few more years with your favorite tree.

Cedar Apple Rust

Crabapple and apple trees are susceptible to cedar apple rust. This is another fungal disease that can also appear on red cedars and junipers. When this disease is present in a tree, it will cause pale yellow spots on the leaves. For those trees in the late stages of the disease, those spots will turn orange. When the condition is treated early, it can be eliminated from your tree or shrub.

Apple Scab

Another affliction of apple and crabapple trees is known as the apple scab. The first sign of infection produces lesions on the flower buds. As the disease progresses, the lesions will appear as brown, yellow, or olive-green spots. The tree’s leaves will be deformed and start to fall off. The fruit of the tree will have lesions and prematurely drop from the tree. When treated early, apple scab can be eliminated.

Should You Invest in a Shrub or Tree Fungus Treatment?

Before you start treatment, you may want to consult a professional tree care company. They can help you decide whether treatment is a suitable investment option. Unfortunately, not all trees or shrubs will respond to treatment. In some cases, the shrub is too far gone for a successful treatment. Diseases that are difficult to treat or have spread in the shrub are not worth the treatment plan’s cost. At this stage, tree removal is your best option. You don’t want to invest in a treatment that will not produce optimal results for your tree or shrub.

However, if a tree or shrub has a special meaning, then it might be worth the cost of fungal treatments. Some homeowners are willing to spend money to get a couple of years out of their beloved shrub or tree. You need to decide on the right course of action for your landscaping. Many homeowners might choose to replace the tree rather than spend money on costly treatments. You should make an educated decision on what will work best for your property. Whatever you decide, you should always ask for help from a trusted lawn care company.

Prevention Is Key

If you want to prevent these diseases from affecting your trees and shrubs, then you need to invest in a great care plan for your landscape. With these programs, you can stop most fungal diseases in their tracks. Specialized care professionals will watch out for potential problems with those trees and shrubs. They know the first signs of a disease and can effectively treat these problems. You will never have to worry about your shrubs and trees getting to the point that treatment is not a practical option.

Let Us Help With Shrub or Tree Fungus Treatment Care

You want to keep your trees and shrubs healthy throughout the year. If you are struggling with your landscape chores, then it may be time for some help. At Charlestown Landscaping, we can visit your property and assess your concerns. In most cases, our team can catch those problems before they significantly affect the tree or shrub. We can even help you to develop a program to protect your property. With the right care, you never have to worry about these fungal diseases again.

In addition to arbor care, Charlestown Landscaping can assist with those other landscaping issues. We are ready to help with everything from mowing to aerating. Along with that, our team is here to keep your outdoor spaces safe with snow removal and deicing services throughout the winter. If you would like to learn more about our services, please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form.

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