6 Ways to Bring Life to Your Landscape in Spring

6 Ways to Bring Life to Your Landscape in Spring

After the harsh winter, it is now time to think about the spring. With the better weather, you want to spruce up the appearance of your landscape. These tasks can help your outdoor spaces recover from the snow and ice as you get ready for the growing season. Here are six landscaping tasks that you will want to accomplish for a healthier lawn.

1 – Inspect Your Space for Winter Damage

Winter can cause plenty of damage to your space. You want to conduct a careful inspection of your outdoor areas for any signs of wear. Along with damaged grass, some signs of problems could include hibernating animals, pests, and brown spots from the salt. You will need to walk the entire property and look for these signs.

Make notes of those problem areas. If there are signs of trouble, you can consult with a professional company that offers commercial lawn care services. They have the expertise to help you remedy these problem areas. Once you have found damage, get to work to tend to these spots. If you ignore the problem, it could lead to more issues down the road.

2 – Give New Life To Certain Spaces

Most landscape plants and shrubs will only last for about 10 years. When you add in storm damage and diseases, that lifespan can be shortened. Some plants might be past their prime, and spring is the time to replace them. You can easily give your space a fresh look with new plants and shrubs. Make sure to add some pops of color to boost the appearance of your space. You might even want to consider patterned plants with brightly colored veins and striped leaves to add some intricate details to your landscape.

3 – Do Some Cleaning

After you have walked your property, it is time to clean up from the winter. Some of that essential landscape maintenance will consist of removing all that winter debris. There could be broken branches, dead leaves, and general garbage accumulating around your property. You should always use a rake to pick up this unwanted garbage. A rake can also help you break up thatch and pick up pine cones, loose twigs, and other natural debris. With the thatch, you need to loosen up any clumped spots since it can stunt the growth of new grass.

4 – Pruning Is Important

In the spring, many people choose to prune their trees and shrubs. With a quick prune, you can improve the health of these natural elements. Along with that, pruning can give your trees a more attractive shape and remove any dangerous limbs. However, you should really leave pruning to the professionals. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can potentially harm the shrub or tree.

5 – Treat Those Open Spaces

You could allow your grass to be overgrown near the end of the lawn. However, you can have a more manicured look by edging your bed. Edged lawns just have a more welcoming appearance than those that look unmaintained.

In addition to that, mulching is also an essential part of your landscaping care. Mulch can keep weeds at bay and control that moisture absorption. Before you add new

. You should also wait to spread the mulch until the plants begin to sprout. If you add mulch too early, it will cover them and prevent their growth.

Finally, fertilizing is extremely important. Feeding will keep your grass healthy throughout the year. You want to add fertilizer when the grass is moist but not too wet.

Springtime is the perfect time to spray pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn. This formula will prevent weeds by stopping them from developing. You want to be careful where you spray it. In some cases, it can stop grass growth on certain parts of your lawn.

6 – Upgrade Outdoor Gathering Spaces

Now that you have done some of the other chores, it might be time to look at additional places around your property. You should think about upgrading some of those gathering spaces. Many commercial properties have hardscaping areas that need some extra love and care.

Along with greenery, these hardscaping elements can help to create a more welcoming feel for your property. You can enhance your outdoor space with an upgraded patio, courtyard, or built-in seating areas.

Springtime is an excellent season to start planning some permanent hardscape features that can be used for walking, dining, or kicking back and relaxing. By summertime, you will be able to put your plans into place and create an outdoor experience that you and others can enjoy.

In addition to hardscaping, you should think about those flowers and shrubs. You can incorporate these elements into your landscape design. Make sure to add these colorful features near your entrance or other high-trafficked areas. Almost all exterior areas can benefit from the addition of a mixture of greenery and hardscape elements.

Spring Is the Best Time

When the weather gets warmer, you want to kick your landscape maintenance plans into gear. This is the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into your outdoor space. If you have any new ideas, you will want to make a plan to incorporate them into your property.

You can start fresh with an improved and beautiful landscape. Flowers, trees, plants, and shrubs are the perfect way to spruce up your look. Along with that, think about those hardscape areas around your space. With these tips, you can also get your landscape ready for the growing season.

Let Charlestown Landscaping Help With Your Spring Chores

If you don’t have time to tackle these spring chores by yourself, it may be time to choose a professional commercial lawn care company. Charlestown Landscaping LLC has an experienced team that will provide top-quality care for your outdoor spaces.

From lawn management to tree care, we have a variety of services that will make your landscape shine. You don’t have to deal with this hard work by yourself. Call (610) 608-3965 to discuss your property’s lawn care needs.

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