Summer Lawn Care For Commercial Properties

Summer Lawn Care For Commercial Properties

In the summertime, your lawn will see a lot of action. People will walk across the surface, children often play and run over the turf, and some social gatherings can add equipment to the green spaces. If you are a property owner, you want to have a healthy lawn throughout the year.

Along with heavy traffic, heat and low rainfall can cause troubles for your lawn. Even the best-made maintenance plans can be derailed when the weather refuses to cooperate. For a healthy lawn, you will want to know the specific lawn species on your ground. With the right care plan in hand, you can minimize damage and stress as you continue to develop a healthy and green lawn.

Different Lawn Types

Before you can create a maintenance plan for your lawn, you need to find out what species you have at your property. In the Mid-Atlantic regions, you will typically find cool-season grasses. These varieties include ryes and fescues. This type of grass does well when the weather is cooler in the spring and fall. By summertime, the turf will go dormant unless you provide it with plenty of supplemental water.

In the southern part of the country, you will typically find warm-season grasses. Bermuda grass and zoysia are some examples of these grasses. These species will thrive in dry and hot summers. When it is spring and fall, they will tend to have a dead appearance.

For most commercial properties, you will find a blend of these grasses. However, the local climate will dictate whether cool- or warm-season grasses should be used for your property.

Tips for Summer Lawn Care

If you want a lawn that shines in the summertime, there are some care tips that you need for your space. First, you should think about raising the level of your lawnmower. The lawn should be mowed at no less than 3 inches in the summer. At this height, the grass can shade out any weeds, and it will help to encourage deep roots. If you mow too often and too close to the ground, the turf is more susceptible to high heat and droughts.

Avoid Heavy Fertilizers

You already know that you need to feed your lawn. However, you should avoid any heavy fertilization in the summer. During those hot months, the fertilizer can burn the ground. All that excess nitrogen can create disastrous results, especially if your area is experiencing a drought. You also might find that your lawn is more brittle than usual. Summertime feedings can be added to your maintenance plans, but make sure you are keeping your lawn hydrated with an automatic irrigation system.

Give the Right Amount of Water

If you have already noticed, lawns need water for a lush and healthy appearance. An established lawn requires about 1.5 inches of water each week. That is the equivalent of 30 minutes of water about three times a week. For those properties with an irrigation system, you should adjust the zones of your space for additional moisture. You can always consult with a professional company that offers commercial lawn care services. They will be able to help you determine the ideal amount of water for your lawn.

Restore Your Grass

People can do plenty of damage to a lawn. During the summer, you don’t want foot traffic trampling your already-stressed blades of grass. In some cases, the grass can die in the fall. However, that doesn’t mean you need to rope off the lawn and keep everyone off your turf. You might want to schedule an overseeding treatment and aeration in the fall. These treatments can re-establish grass and increase turf density. With these processes, you can restore those spaces that have suffered damage from those summer crowds.

Keep Fido Off the Lawn

Pets love those nice grassy areas. Unfortunately, pet waste contains high levels of ammonia, and it can create brown spots on the lawn. You don’t want to leave those unsightly areas on your grass. If you want to stop treating those damaged areas, it might be time to rope off a section just for your four-legged friend.

Manage Those Weeds

Weeds are another summertime issue, but you might want to skip some of those harsh treatments. Crabgrass and gooseberry are annual weeds that will eventually die off at the first frost. The best type of treatment involves an aggressive pre-emergent in the spring. With this method, you can keep weeds from sprouting. However, clover and nutsedge are best removed in the summer. When you use weed control measures during this season, it can leave open spots that will need a reseeding session in the fall.

Creating a Summer Maintenance Plan

Before the start of summer, you want to create a plan to keep your lawn healthy throughout the season. Summer lawn maintenance typically includes weed control, mowing, pest control, and irrigation. If you don’t want to handle these chores by yourself, you should think about outsourcing the work to a commercial lawn care service. These companies have the experience to address your lawn care needs.

When you have a well-maintained lawn, it can increase your property value by as much as 15 percent. Part of a beautiful landscape includes summertime lawn care, and there are some tips to follow. You should try to reduce the number of chemicals used on the property. It is also important to add supplemental water and prevent any mechanical damage to your turf. By putting these measures in place, you can ensure that your grass will stay strong well into the fall.

Let Us Help With Summer Lawn Care

During the summer, you don’t want to break your back with this hard work. At Charlestown Landscaping LLC, our team of professionals will take care of those heavy chores. We will make sure your grass is free from weeds and pests. Along with that, we’ll provide the right amount of irrigation for a healthier and greener space. Your lawn is in the right hands during the fall as we provide overseeding and aerating services.

We can help develop a summer lawn care program that is right for your commercial property. Don’t neglect your lawn this summer! If you are ready for a professional touch to your summer maintenance plans, please give us a call at (610) 608-3965.

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