What are the different types of irrigation systems?

What are the different types of irrigation systems?

If you want a healthy lawn, you need to think about an irrigation system for your turf. The days of breaking out a hose to water the lawn are long gone. Today, there are many types of sprinklers that work to water your grass efficiently. Every property has different needs. For that reason, you need to find the right sprinkler that is the most beneficial for your lawn.

How to Select the Right System for You

Your watering method will impact your water usage and your home’s appearance. For many people, they usually water the yard with a hose and forget about it. However, there are several different ways to water your grass. Landscape irrigation can be complicated, but with the right information, you can choose the best system for your lawn.

Surface Irrigation

For most homeowners, they use surface irrigation to water their lawn. With this method, you will apply water to the surface of the yard and allow it to trickle down to the root system. You can use a hose, hose with sprinkler attachment, or watering can. This is one of the most popular ways to irrigate the grass. However, it is labor-intensive and inefficient. The water is distributed unevenly, and that can lead to waterlogged plants or parched areas on your lawn. When you rely on this type of watering method, it can also lead to missed waterings.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Many people will choose the traditional lawn sprinkler system for their watering needs. These sprinklers are great when you have plants or grass with the same watering requirements. The sprinklers are also perfect for those with spacious grassy lawns.

If you want to use this type of sprinkler system, the optimal time to water is in the early morning or late evening. You can still use them in the middle of the day, but the water is likely to evaporate. With an early morning or late evening watering, the water will be able to soak down to the roots with less evaporation. These systems also have a timer that will allow you to make sure the yard is watered at the right time.

Most of these sprinkler systems will use a series of sprinkler heads and pipes to deliver water to the lawn and plants. The sprinkler heads spray water into the air above your yard. You will need to place the sprinkler heads in the right spots for optimal coverage. A professional irrigation expert can help you determine the best place to install the sprinkler system. They can make sure your plants and grass will get the perfect amount of water with this type of irrigation method.

Drip Irrigation System

When you have a variety of plants, you might want to think about a drip irrigation system. These systems are an excellent choice for those who live on uneven terrain or windy areas. You can also use this system if you have a variety of plants scattered across your yard. A drip irrigation system uses a series of tubing and pipes to deliver the water to the base of the plants. These systems are connected to a smart irrigation controller to help with energy efficiency and water usage.

These systems allow the landscapers to fine-tune to the water amounts and set irrigation to a certain time of day. With the porous hoses, you can get the water directly to the plant roots. A drip irrigation system is often shaded by the plants so that you don’t have to worry about water evaporation or scorch marks on your leaves.

Rain Catchment Drip Irrigation

Some gardeners want to integrate their drip irrigation systems with rainwater. With a rain catchment system, you can get water to your plants by using gravity. However, these systems are not as versatile as a sprinkler or drip irrigation system.

Like the method suggests, you will capture water using a rain barrel. Once it is in the barrel, you can distribute it to the plants. You cannot add a timer or special emitters to this type of system, but it can save some money on the water bills, especially if you live in an area with a rainy season. If you are thinking about this style of system, you might want to check into the regulations for your state. Some places do prohibit the use of rain collection systems.

Bubbler Irrigation System

A bubbler irrigation system is a combination of a drip irrigation and sprinkler system. These bubblers can emit a large volume of water from about six inches above the ground. They are very efficient at watering your plants to the root systems.

Bubbler irrigation systems can be operated on a timer, and you will be able to focus the emitter on specific plants in your yard. These systems are perfect for those areas with identical plants in a smaller space. Bubblers work well for raised plant beds, trees, and shrubs.

Choose the Best System for Your Needs

You need to consider the needs of your plants to decide between a bubbler, sprinkler, surface, or drip system. You might want to think about a drip irrigation system for those yards with a large variety of plants. You should choose the bubbler system in a garden area with large plants or homogeneous species.

You can always use both types of irrigation systems to water your yard. Bubbler nozzles can be added to sprinkler heads so that you can utilize the sprinkler irrigation system. You can customize a watering system to maximize the full benefits of these irrigation methods.

Create an Irrigation System for Your Yard

At Charlestown Landscaping, our professional landscaping team can find the right irrigation system that will work with your plants, landscape, and daily schedule. With the proper irrigation methods, you can save money and time. We can help you to design an optimal irrigation system for both commercial and residential properties.

If you are thinking about the right irrigation system for your lawn or yard, make sure to fill out the contact form for a consultation from Charlestown Landscaping.

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