What Is Commercial Landscape Maintenance?

What Is Commercial Landscape Maintenance?

When you look at a beautifully landscaped area, you know it takes plenty of hard work. There is planning, designing, and maintaining that needs to be done to the space. A professional landscaping maintenance provider will work hard to keep your area looking great so that you can focus on your business.

What Is Commercial Landscape Maintenance?

When you hire a professional landscaping company, many will offer their services in a maintenance package. In the packages, you will receive maintenance for all the exterior grounds on your commercial property. For example, if you manage or own an office building, retail store, or apartment complex, you probably have some outdoor space in need of maintenance. These packages come in a variety of price points that range from simple mowing to full-scale ornamental care. Every business has its own unique requirements. When you choose a professional landscaping company, they will be able to create a proposal that will meet all your outdoor needs.

You Can Customize Your Landscape Maintenance

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to landscaping. For that reason, many companies will have a consultation at your business. They will get a feel for your tastes and what you want in a designed outdoor space. During the visit, you can get recommendations on how to enhance or maintain the look of your property. If you have a business with heavily used green spaces, you might need an extensive turf care program. For companies with ornamental trees and shrubs, you should think about a program that will maintain their level of health. Depending on your property, your commercial landscaping company can tailor your needs to meet the specific character of your outdoor spaces.

Many Benefits of Commercial Landscape Maintenance

With any type of landscaping maintenance, there will be some costs. For a commercial property owner, landscaping should be viewed as an investment. You want to protect that investment with a commercial landscape maintenance program. These programs will help your landscape retain its aesthetic appeal and monetary value. Trees, lawns, and flowers need to be maintained to keep up their health and appearance.

You might think that landscape maintenance only needs a little mowing and watering. However, it is much more labor-intensive than that. Your landscape is an asset to your business, and you need to manage it properly. For those businesses without a lot of green space, you should still think about landscaping services. You might not know it, but your outdoor spaces do say a lot about your company. You want to convey the right message to customers and employees.

In most cases, your landscaping is the first thing that a potential client will see on your property. You don’t want it to look unruly or unmaintained. When your outdoor areas do not have adequate care, it could give your business the impression that you don’t value your clients or workers. You never want to lose business because of bad landscaping. A landscape maintenance program will help you to upkeep all of your outdoor areas.

Are Landscaping Maintenance Programs Expensive?

You should look at a maintenance plan as an investment. Yes, there will be some initial up-front costs for the program, but you can add or subtract services to fit your budget. Many of these plans are priced according to the type of service that you want to be performed, the maintenance schedule, and the size of your property.

The type of service is the main price factor for many plans. If you want a full-service program, it will be more expensive than a plan with basic mowing. There can be a big gap in pricing between basic services and full-service maintenance. You will also add to your expenses if you want comprehensive lawn care, ornamental care, or irrigation.

Your property size is another factor to consider with the price. With a bigger area of space, you will need more equipment and help to maintain the site. A smaller space will be cheaper to manage than those with acres of land.

Finally, those who schedule a set number of visits from the landscaping crew will see an increase in rates. Weather issues can reduce the cost of your plan when the landscapers have to cancel visits. For example, if you have a rainy season, then the team might not be able to mow the grass as they would in a typical year. However, if you specify a set number of visits for the season, the landscapers will have to be out to your property no matter the weather conditions. With that set schedule of visits, it can add to the costs of your maintenance plan.

A professional landscaping company will be able to work with your budget and find a plan that will fit your needs. Most landscaping companies want your business, and they are happy to customize a plan for your property.

What Do Typical Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services Include?

As you already know, you can customize a plan to meet your property’s needs. Many companies will manage your grounds by offering mowing and pest management. Some contracts could include landscape enhancements, such as planting flowers or trees. You could even choose to have the landscaping team handle the seasonal flower color rotation. Weed control, mulch, and fertilization are popular additions to your maintenance plans. For a large area of grass, you may want to think about a turf care program for your property. Finally, landscape maintenance does not end in the winter. Many companies offer snow removal and holiday decor installation.

Get the Complete Landscaping Maintenance for Your Needs

If you are ready to choose a professional landscaping company, then Charlestown Landscaping is the company for you. We can help you find the right maintenance program for your property and keep it looking beautiful throughout the year. You want to protect your landscape investment with a maintenance care package from Charlestown Landscaping.

For those who want to learn more about the programs at Charlestown Landscaping, take a few minutes to fill out the contact form.

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