Landscaping For Hotels: 7 Ways To Enhance The Guest Experience

Landscaping For Hotels: 7 Ways To Enhance The Guest Experience

Over the past year, the travel industry has taken a few hits. However, more people are choosing to take vacations, and you will want to attract them to your hotel. Landscaping is the ideal way to increase your guests’ experiences and keep them returning to your resort. Plants and flowers provide a relaxing and inviting way to boost the appearance of your property. Here are a few ways that you can use landscaping to enhance those spaces around your hotel.

Make a Great Impression

You have probably heard about curb appeal. It works the same way for hotels and resorts. You have only one chance to impress your guests. With some well-maintained features and a modern design, you can create a beautiful atmosphere for guests and employees. Let’s look at the seven ways you can boost the resort-like experience for your guests.

1 – Add Some Natural Appeal With a Garden

Some of the most famous hotels and resorts use park-like grounds and manicured gardens to treat their guests. For those urban resorts, you might want to add some colorful plants to the property’s exterior areas. The beautiful blooms and aromatic scents provide some natural aesthetics to your hotel space.

Many hotels will use greenery to break up those cold concrete spaces around a pool deck. The area can be spruced up with hanging flower baskets filled with seasonal colors for an outdoor bar or patio. Trellises and ramadas not only provide shade, but they will add some natural elements to your property, especially if you use vines to encourage growth in these areas.

2 – Pool Deck Alternatives

Pools are great amenities for hotel guests, but you can stand above the crowd by adding a sculpture court or zen garden to your space. These areas will refresh the mind and body. With their simplicity, they can be soothing and only need minimal upkeep.

By adding some modern chaises and benches, you can treat your guests and create opportunities for conversations. Some people might even want to take time to indulge in a good book. These low-key spaces are great people-pleasers.

Outdoor cafes are another gem that you might want to create for your guests. They can enjoy a drink or snack around your beautiful manicured space. These outdoor rooms are gaining in popularity with homeowners, and you should think about adding these spots to your hotel.

3 – Create Family-Friendly Retreats

Families are getting back into vacation mode, and they want to find a hotel with family-friendly amenities. A learning garden is a new feature for many places. With this garden, you can plant specimen trees, flowers, and shrubs with plaques to tell a story. You should think about adding a grassy picnic area for the kids or design a family-friendly space with a sandbox. Some bouncy animals or swing sets can add to a family’s fun at your resort.

However, you need to be mindful of safety concerns. If you want to add these features to your hotel, it might be time to find a company specializing in commercial lawn care services. These professionals understand landscaping design, and they can help you create a fun and safe environment for adults and children.

4 – Add Some Whimsy With Hotel Landscaping

No matter the age, everyone will enjoy fun outdoor games and activities. You can think outside of the traditional sand volleyball court or putting green. A bocce ball court, croquet lawn, or horseshoe pits are some unexpected but welcome amenities for guests. You might want to add benches to encourage others to watch a match. Add some tables for an outdoor game room, and make sure to brighten up your space with plenty of flowers and greenery.

5 – Trade Water Features for a Fire Pit

Almost every hotel has a swimming pool and hot tub. When you have these features, you are not standing out from the crowd. However, if you have a fire pit, you can create a space that will produce exciting conversations from the guests as they gather around the fire. For an added touch, bring some ottomans and outdoor lounges to the space. Coffee bars and alcohol services will lead to a good time for all those adult guests. You don’t have to be formal. By adding some low-maintenance features, you can enhance the experiences for your guests.

6 – Light Up Your Spaces

Bright lights and neon signs are old-fashioned elements. You can add glowing orbs near the ground level. Solar pathway lighting and artistic light posts are other great lighting features. In your trees, think about stringing up a “firefly” light near the trunks. With those lights, you can add plenty of drama to your spaces.

If you have garden art or bare walls, increase their appeal with colored lights and changing patterns. Along with that, you want to be generous with plenty of security lighting.

7 – Professional Advice for Hotel Landscaping

When you have a hotel property, you want to maintain your landscaping with a one-of-a-kind outdoor environment that sets you apart from competitors in the area. Beautiful and welcoming landscaping strikes a chord with many guests. They will love these features, and those amenities are part of what makes guests return to your property. It takes plenty of experience to upkeep these areas. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should consult with an experienced team to design your perfect hotel outdoor space and maintain it throughout the year.

Let Charlestown Landscaping Design Your Hotel Dream Space

If you are looking for the best commercial lawn care service in the area, reach out to the team at Charlestown Landscaping LLC. From hotel properties to commercial buildings, we understand the unique needs of your space. We know that you want to stand out from other hotels. Our team will help you find the best landscaping features to enhance all your guests’ experiences.

Lawn care is more than mowing the grass and trimming the trees. We will help maintain your grounds from spring to winter. You can schedule a consultation with our team. If you need help to beautify your hotel space, call us at (610) 608-3965.

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