Common Problems Managers Face with Commercial Grounds Care

Common Problems Managers Face with Commercial Grounds Care

When you are managing a commercial property, it is no easy task. This role carries plenty of responsibility, especially if you need to handle the grounds care. Maintaining the look of your commercial property is more than trimming trees and mowing the grass. You need to be concerned with the safety of your clients, residents, and tenants. Along with that, commercial properties want to have landscaping that stands out from the crowd. Here is a brief look at some of the common ground care problems facing managers.

Managing the Entire Property

As you already know, a property manager is responsible for the entire commercial property. You must make decisions that will affect the functionality and appearance of your outdoor spaces. It is also your responsibility to keep those areas safe for clients, tenants, or other visitors. If you want to succeed, you should implement a program that can keep your spaces looking great throughout the year.

If you want to take something off your plate, consider hiring a commercial lawn care company. They have the expertise to handle all these tough outdoor jobs. You have enough on your schedule, and you can reduce your workload with help from an experienced landscaping team.

Common Problems

There are plenty of sneaky issues that can affect the look of your commercial landscape. Watch out for these problems around your property.

Poor Drainage

Drainage is always a concern for many property managers. If your drainage system leaks, you could experience flooding around the property. Drainage issues don’t just cause problems in the summer. If the downspouts drain on the sidewalk in the winter, you could be facing some severe consequences. Dangerous ice buildup can become a hazard for your employees and clients. A lawsuit from a slip and fall accident will only cause more issues.

Drainage can affect other areas of your landscape. If the parking lot floods, your customers might not be able to reach the front door. Those wet, sunken spots in your lawn will turn into unsightly brown patches throughout the summer. It is better to get these problems fixed before they turn into a big headache.

Bad Mowing and Watering Schedules

As you manage your property, you will want to set a schedule for mowing and watering the grass. Most people think that watering the grass at night is an ideal time. However, that water can linger on the grass blades as diseases develop in the yard. You want to opt for an early morning watering schedule. With this time, the sun can evaporate any leftover water droplets. As a bonus, if you water early in the morning, you don’t have to worry about getting visitors wet with the water sprays.

An early mowing schedule can also be beneficial for mowing the lawn. On that schedule, your clients and employees can avoid walking in the path of a lawnmower or getting sprayed with cut grass debris.

No Tree Trimming

Like most property managers, you probably have some trees around the property. If you want those trees to shine in your landscape, they must be trimmed. Many managers think they can live without professional pruning, but it can affect the health and appearance of your trees. Pruning helps the tree grow into a stable, healthy, and well-shaped specimen. If you skip pruning at a critical time in the growth stage, you might end up with a tree that is prone to diseases. The appearance of the tree will also suffer. Your tree might grow into a walkway or building. In the worst cases, you might even lose the tree.

Inadequate Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is another factor that many property managers tend to overlook. If you can get water during the rainstorm, why bother with irrigation? In many places, summers bring dry spells. You can keep your trees, shrubs, and flowers well-watered with an irrigation system. For even more convenience, you might want to consider installing a smart water irrigation system. Many of these modern systems even have rain sensors so that you don’t waste money on water. These smart systems also have controllers to turn off certain parts of the system if a line breaks in your yard. With these systems, you can save money on your water bills and keep up the health of your landscape.

Inefficient Snow Removal

Now that all the summer problems are covered, you should think about those wintertime issues. Snow removal is often a headache for many property managers. When the snow falls, it has to be removed from your commercial property. You need to plan for proper snow storage. If you don’t have a designated place for the snow, then it can block parking spaces for your clients and workers.

Plowing can also cause issues with your landscape. When the property boundaries are not marked off, snowblowers end up plowing snow into your landscape and tearing up plants and grass. Along with that, you also have to worry about keeping those slick surfaces safe from ice.

With a bit of planning, you can prevent these problems for the winter. If you want fewer snow removal hassles, you should contact a landscaping company to remove that snow. Many commercial lawn care services offer commercial property help throughout the year.

We Have Solutions To Your Problems

At Charlestown Landscaping LLC, we understand those commercial grounds care issues. Our team can help with the maintenance, irrigation, tree care, and snow removal around your property. With our services, you can be confident that your commercial property’s landscaping is in the right hands.

As a property manager, you have plenty of issues to handle. Why should you keep worrying about grounds care and maintenance? With our services, we are ready to help with all your landscaping needs. Our professional team has the right equipment and expertise to handle all those tough jobs. If you are ready to let the professionals take care of your commercial space, make sure to contact us. You can schedule a consultation by calling our office at (610) 608-3965.

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