How To Keep Your Retail Center Vibrant During The Summer

Keep Your Retail Center Vibrant During The Summer

In the heat of the summer, your retail center landscape can look a little tired. However, those high temperatures don’t mean that you have to look at damaged green spaces all season long. There are a few things you can do to keep the retail center vibrant in your landscape. With these few tips, your outdoor spaces will remain lush and green throughout the summer.

Think About Irrigation

As you already know, watering is vital to keep your plants, trees, and grass hydrated. However, you need to make sure you are not overwatering or underwatering these landscaping elements. For commercial landscaping, you might be better off installing an irrigation system. Some of these systems can detect when there is rain in the area and prevent overwatering in your landscape. These automatic watering systems will take some of the guesswork out of this critical chore.

With smart irrigation, you never have to waste money on unnecessary watering. This water-saving technology uses sensors to deliver the right amount of water to your landscape. Along with that, if a line breaks, the system will shut off and stop any water from flooding the yard. Smart irrigation is the best way to water your plants without worrying about wasting dollars or precious resources.

If you need some help finding the right irrigation system for your landscape, you can always reach out to a company specializing in commercial lawn care services. These professionals understand the watering needs of these unique landscapes and can suggest ideas for your retail space.

Summer Watering Is Vital

While you might want to grab the hose and water every day, you need to think twice. With frequent waterings, you can create weak roots in your commercial landscape. In some cases, the roots could start to grow upward in an attempt to get more water. That’s always a bad sign!

You should think about watering less frequently. Extended watering sessions can do wonders. A deep soaking watering can help to replenish and nourish those roots. Plus, it can encourage the roots to grow deeper into the ground.

The time of day when you choose to water is also essential. You should never water in the middle of the day. At that time, the water will evaporate in the hot sun. Think about breaking out the hose in the early morning for the best results.

Use the Proper Mowing Techniques

Mowing the lawn is more than pushing the mower up and down the grass. If you want a stunning retail landscape, you should understand the proper mowing techniques. It is important not to cut more than a third of the grass blades during the summer. When the grass is too short, it can lead to disease development and other issues for your yard. Tall grass has a healthier root system, and it will be able to handle the scorching temperatures in the summer heat. In addition to that, taller grass provides some shade for the soil and helps retain moisture for longer periods of time.

Spruce Up the Mulch

Mulch provides so many benefits in your commercial landscape, especially during the summer. With a couple of inches of mulch, your soil will remain cooler, and it will stop moisture from evaporating from the ground. Mulch also reduces the need for extra waterings for your flowers, shrubs, and trees.

However, old and thin mulch offers no benefits for your retail center. It won’t retain moisture as the mulch barely protects the surface around your landscape. If you want a carefree way to help the rest of your landscape, make sure to add some mulch to your summer outdoor spaces.

Keep Up the Maintenance

During the summer, all sorts of eyesores can pop up throughout your landscape. You want to fix those issues as soon as you spot them. For example, if your grass looks dry, it might be time for a drink of water. Those faded flowers should be removed from flower beds to promote more growth. Any damaged sprinkler heads need to be repaired quickly. Finally, don’t forget to pick up any garbage and other debris cluttering up your retail center.

Select the Perfect Plants

Some plants and flowers are pretty, but they can’t live up to those high temperatures in the summer. You want to choose plants that do not require much maintenance during this time. Make sure to select plants in various colors, such as pinks, yellows, and oranges. However, some varieties will attract bees, birds, and butterflies to your space. Keep that in mind so that they don’t bother your customers. Salvia, purple coneflowers, daylilies, and butterfly bushes are great choices to keep your retail space looking vibrant.

Xeriscaping is a popular choice for those extremely dry climates. You can add some xeriscaping elements to parts of your landscape. These drought-tolerant plants, trees, and shrubs hardly require any fertilizer or water. Not only does that brighten up your space, but you will not waste money keeping them hydrated throughout the summer.

Maintain the Health of Your Grass

You can avoid a brown and scorched lawn if you maintain the health of your grass. Healthy turf will also keep away those diseases and pests. You might want to think about a regular turf care program to keep your grass looking healthy during the growing season. With that, your lawn will be properly fertilized, and weeds can be kept under control.

Survive This Summer’s Scorch

Commercial landscaping can take a hit in the summer. However, with these few tips, you can keep your retail center looking vibrant throughout the season.

If you don’t want to fuss with these issues by yourself, think about hiring a commercial lawn care service. At Charlestown Landscaping LLC, we have the expertise to make your outdoor spaces shine in the summer. From mowing to aerating, our team is ready to handle your retail center’s landscape. Along with that, we even offer snow removal services for the wintertime. We are your one-stop shop for commercial property needs. You can schedule a consultation by calling (610) 608-3965.

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