When Should I Remove Snow from My Roof?

When Should I Remove Snow from My Roof?

A snowy roof can provide your home with some winter aesthetics, but it could damage your roof’s structural integrity. With all that excess weight, your home could face problems down the road. Depending on the age and type of roof, you may not have to worry about snow removal. However, if you are concerned about removing snow from your home’s roof, this handy guide can help determine your winter needs.

Many Roofs Are Durable

Many roofs are designed to support a heavy load of winter snow. In most cases, these roofs can handle a buildup of snow without any issues. For most modern homes, you probably will not have to worry about removing snow from the top of the house. Throughout many communities, there are building codes that require residential dwellings to have sturdy roofs. If your home was built and installed to code, you have nothing to worry about this winter.

Signs of a Weight Problem

However, you might have the unfortunate luck of living under a roof that cannot handle those heavy winter snows. An older roof might not be as structurally sound as one built a few years ago. You could have a roof that was not installed to local building ordinances. However, new roofs can be damaged by a season of wet and heavy snowfall. Under the best circumstances, you still could have roof issues from heavy snow.

The type of roof can determine whether you need to remove snow or not. With steeper roofs, the snow can slide down the structure and not remain on the building. Those gently-pitched or flat roofs are more likely to experience structural issues. In any case, you want to watch out for problems that lead to roof support issues.

If you are worried about your roof’s potential issues, then there are a few things that you could do around your home. For example, make sure to look at the interior of your home. You want to check the doors near the top floor, especially those openings in the center of the house. In most homes, these doors are located in the attic, bedroom, or closet. If the doors are difficult to close or open, you might have an issue with the roof. After a heavy snowstorm, if the doors are stuck, those issues could be the result of wet snow pushing down on your roof.

You should also inspect your door frames. It is best to look out for any cracks in the drywall or plaster. If you notice these problematic areas, these signs are the beginning stages of a potential problem with your roof. For those issues, you should hire a professional team to remove the snow from the roof. In addition to that, it might not be a bad idea to call a roofing expert to check out your home.

Hire a Professional To Remove Snow

If there is a problem with snow on your roof, you will want to hire a professional team. Almost every year, you hear about accidents to those who tried to tackle the job by themselves. Removing wet snow is a strenuous activity. For those with back issues or heart problems, you run the risk of an injury. A professional team has the right equipment, skillset, and insurance to remove your roof’s snow. You don’t want to become another statistic. Roofs can become icy and dangerous. When it comes to clearing snow from your roof, leave it to the professionals.

If you can reach the roof from the ground, then it is safe to remove roof snow. Some single-level homes have roofs that can be cleared with a rake or shovel. When using a rake, you should try to slide the piled-up snow from the roof to remove the weight issues. However, you should remember that any do-it-yourself work can end up damaging shingles on your roof. Those issues will lead to leaks and water damage in the future. If there is an ice dam, then another call to a professional roofing company might be needed.

Stay Safe This Winter

When you call a professional snow removal team, they know how to complete the job in a safe manner. These professionals work in teams as they climb on your roof to remove the ice and snow. They also use the right equipment to remove that heavy snow from your roof. These teams will take the proper safety precautions to prevent any accidents on your property.

For most homeowners, the professional team will not remove all the snow from your roof. With some jobs, they typically remove a portion of the snow to prevent damage to the structure. If you have an issue with ice dams, then these teams need more time to clear your roof from these hazards. These dams can be the result of poor ventilation and insulation. That is a crucial issue to address, and you will need a roofing company to examine your structure for any signs of damage.

Leave the Snow Removal To the Professionals

In almost every case, you should never remove snow from a roof by yourself. It is easier and safer to call a professional snow removal company to help with this task. Before you call, you need to determine if you even require the snow to be removed from your home. Some roofs can handle those heavy snows, and you don’t need to worry about them for the winter. However, removal can benefit those older roofs to take off the burden of heavy snow.

We Can Help With Your Winter Chores

At Charlestown Landscaping, we can help with your snow removal needs. From snowplowing to deicing services, we have you covered throughout the winter. You can sit back as we handle the hard work. Our teams will come out to the property and keep it safe during those cold months. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form or call the office at (610) 608-3965.

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