The 7 Most Important Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tasks

The 7 Most Important Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tasks

When you hire a commercial landscaping company for your property, you expect specific tasks completed on a regular basis. Some of these duties include caring for flowers, mowing the grass, and maintaining the trees. Along with that, some other landscaping maintenance tasks should be completed. Here are seven of the most vital commercial landscape tasks that you need for your property.

1 – Spring and Fall Cleanup

You know that cleanup can help keep your property looking great throughout the year. After the harsh winter, there is plenty of debris throughout your landscape. You could be picking up broken branches and other foliage that may not have survived through those dangerous winter storms.

Along with that, snow plows can damage the lawn by accidentally plowing into the grass or piling snow on your turf. In the spring, debris needs to be hauled away from the garden beds and other spaces. For these reasons, you want someone to clean those messy spaces. With these chores, you can guarantee a healthy growing season for the spring and summer.

These duties are not just for the spring. You also want to spruce up your commercial landscape in the fall. If you live in a spot with plenty of autumn foliage, you want to remove it from the ground before the snow blankets the area. During this season, these commercial landscapers can make sure your property is ready for the winter.

2 – Seasonal Planting Changes

You can enjoy various colors throughout the seasons. In many landscapes, commercial lawn care services include rotating those flowers on a seasonal basis. With that, you can add some interest to your space as you keep it updated for your employees, tenants, or visitors. The bedding of the gardens should be crisp and clean. In the spring, you might want to plant all those big and bright colors. Summertime could be a great time to use cooler shades. Think about those bold oranges, reds, and yellows to complement the other leaves in your space for the fall.

3 – Insect Control

Ants, worms, and grubs can damage a commercial landscape. Before these insects can cause havoc in your space, you can treat your landscape to keep them away. Your commercial landscaping company should be able to provide all the necessary applications to keep away these pests. If you are looking for a more natural solution, a commercial company can give a few solutions for you. Insect control doesn’t have to contain harsh chemicals for your landscape. Today, there is a renewed focus on greener options for your outdoor spaces.

4 – Tree and Bush Trimming

The grass and flowers are the main focus for many people. However, your bushes and trees need a little love as well. While these landscaping elements don’t need to be trimmed every week, you still want someone who can properly care for them. Shrubs and trees need pruning to keep their shape. If a branch or limb is a safety hazard on your property, it must be removed as soon as possible. Pruning will help these elements stay healthy all year long.

In addition to that, if there is an issue with the tree or shrub, the landscaping team can address those issues. In some cases, the leaves could develop brown spots or form fungi on the trunk. With an experienced team, they will make sure your shrubs and trees stay healthy all year.

5 – Fertilization and Aeration

There is so much that goes into lawn care maintenance. Some people might think that it is only mowing the yard, but your grass needs the proper fertilization and aeration. When you plant new grass seed in the spring or fall, you should think about fertilizing at the same time. Fertilizing can also benefit any newly planted trees, shrubs, and flowers around your yard. Established elements will love a boost of nutrients from the fertilizers.

Aeration is another vital part of your landscaping plan. After a year of parties and playtime, your grass can get compacted. When that happens, all those essential nutrients and water cannot reach down to the roots, resulting in brown spots. You can avoid all of these hassles with some aeration throughout your property. This process removes “plugs” from the yard as it gives your grass a chance to take in some of those vital nutrients. Your lawn will continue to look lush and green all summer long.

6 – Hardscape Maintenance

If you have inviting pathways throughout your property, you will want to make sure they are properly maintained. You might want to scrape or reseal certain worn-out spots. Pressure washing can remove all that dirt and grime from a storm. Not only does it provide better aesthetics, but it will keep your visitors safe. Regular maintenance can help you spot those trouble areas with raised pavers, loose bricks, or damaged concrete. When you provide some attention to these areas, they will continue to look great throughout the year.

7 – Irrigation Maintenance

Finally, you should never forget about irrigation maintenance. Without the proper amounts of water, your flowers, trees, and grass will turn brown. When this system is checked, you can ensure that the water is getting to all those places. If you have a sprinkler system, it should be inspected to ensure there is no break in the underground lines. Otherwise, you could spend money on wasted water. Any problems should be resolved quickly, especially in the summer. You don’t want to leave your commercial landscape without the right amount of hydration during those hot months.

Let Us Help Maintain Your Commercial Landscaping

At Charlestown Landscaping LLC, we have an experienced team that can discuss a personalized plan for your commercial lawn care. We understand the needs of these properties, and we will work hard to keep them green throughout the growing seasons. From lawn mowing to tree trimming, we offer a variety of services for your property. If you would like to schedule a consultation with us, please take a few minutes to call our office at (610) 608-3965.

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