Landscape Maintenance vs. Landscape Management

Landscape Maintenance vs. Landscape Management

If you have spent time looking for a professional lawn management company for your home or business, you probably heard the terms “landscaping maintenance” or “landscaping management.” With both services, you can expect your outdoor spaces to be properly maintained. Maintenance plans will give you the basics of lawn care with mowing to watering services. However, with landscaping management, these services are designed to create a green space that will thrive for many years to come.

What Is Landscaping Maintenance?

There is a fine line between maintenance and management. It can be confusing when you are trying to find a lawn management company for your home or business. Many companies use the terms interchangeably with one another. In most cases, the main priority of a landscaping company is to keep up the look of your yard or other green spaces. Many landscapers will promote themselves as maintenance providers when they are actually landscaping management companies.

Many lawn care companies are there to take care of the basics of your outdoor spaces. They are focused on the maintenance of your trees, grass, and other ornamentals. For the most part, they will mow the grass, trim the trees, and water your plants. When a company maintains a landscape, they are only keeping it alive to resist deterioration. Some companies might view this service as maintaining the current status of your trees, flowers, turf, and shrubs throughout the year. While that would be ideal for some people, trees, flowers, shrubs, and turf are all living things that are changing and evolving. You cannot set out with one type of approach and expect that plan to last the lifetime of your outdoor spaces. After a while, your outdoor spaces might look bland and dull since your landscapers perform the same services week after week.

With a maintenance schedule, many landscapers will stick to a set plan. They will come and perform the basic needs for your outdoor space. In some cases, they might not spot a problem until the plants or trees have deteriorated and will need to be replaced. For those who want to have their landscaping adequately managed, you might want to choose a company that offers more than essential services for your lawn.

For the best results, you want a continuously changing plan that will adapt to the needs of your outdoor spaces. In short, maintenance is concerned with the “right now” results. If you are looking for a long-term solution to your landscaping needs, you should consider hiring a team with comprehensive management plans.

What Is Lawn Management Company?

Many lawn management companies will label their services as “maintenance plans” when they are actually management programs. These management plans are more focused on the growth and development of your outdoor space. Managing a landscape means that your chosen company is ready to adapt to the future needs of outdoor spaces, and they will help develop the area to promote growth. With the right landscape manager, your outdoor spaces will be ready to adapt to the changing weather and environment.

As we all know, the weather can be unpredictable in Pennsylvania. One year might have several rainy months, and the next year could experience a summer drought. With a set maintenance plan, your lawn care company will continue to do the same services despite the change in seasonal weather. Management plans do not work in that way. These professionals know how to care for your outdoor space in any type of weather. For example, they understand that mowing is unnecessary during a drought as the lawn has an increased need for water.

Some types of weather patterns can lead to insect infestation. A professional landscaping management team knows how to prevent these pests from showing up in your yard. The management team also understands that you need the right conditions to plant trees and shrubs. For instance, your landscapers will know that newly planted trees might need extra fertilizer to help in the growing process.

A successful landscape management plan provides you with professionals that will recognize potential problems before deterioration shows up in your yard. In addition to that, these plans are flexible to change and address concerns before they become a significant problem for your spaces. You want to choose a landscape management plan that will create a working relationship with you and communicate the best practices to manage your properties. With the right management program, your outdoor areas will be able to adapt to changing weather conditions and other environmental factors. The best management plan should be able to cater to the needs of your grass, trees, and shrubs.

Choose the Right Lawn Management Company for You

At Charlestown Landscaping, there is a full range of plans for your outdoor spaces. Our team consists of trained personnel who have experience in horticultural practices. We offer more services than just mowing your lawn. Our company can provide you with a comprehensive landscaping management plan, including cutting, fertilizing, mulching, and irrigation. We can create a program that is suited for your property, and we will help to maintain a healthy outdoor space.

You can rely on our friendly team to provide professional service for your home or business. Our management team will pay attention to your property to ensure quality work. We will evaluate your entire space, give you a few recommendations, and work with your ideas so that your space will continue to thrive for many years. Our team wants you to have the landscape of your dreams.

In addition to landscaping services, you also offer a turf management program. We want to keep your lawn looking great. These plans include weekly mowing, fertilizing, aeration, and weed control. Our services don’t stop in winter. We offer snow removal services for your business or home. When you need a fresh layer of sealcoat in the summer, we can help you get the right look for your asphalt.

If you are interested in any of the services of Charlestown Landscaping, make sure to fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation.

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