How Can Technology Help Improve Snow/Ice Removal?

How Can Technology Help Improve Snow/Ice Removal?

During the winter, you have to deal with problems that you wouldn’t have to face the rest of the year. Every year, you have to shovel the driveway or scrape ice off your car’s windshield. However, you are in luck. Technology to improve snow removal is making the world better, including assisting many communities with those tough winter chores. Here are a few ways that technology is changing to help you handle that harsh winter weather.

Road Salt Alternatives

Road salt is a staple in any snow removal company’s arsenal. After every snowfall, plow drivers and homeowners soak their slippery surfaces with these chemicals. Road salt prevents ice on these surfaces. Icy roadways and sidewalks can lead to dangerous accidents. Road salt treatments have been used on U.S. highways since the 1950s. This popular product is proven to reduce auto accidents by 88 percent and injuries by 85 percent.

While that might seem like good news, the popularity of road salt has caused the cost to rise throughout the years. For that reason, there is a limited amount of road salt for communities. They can pay up to $65 to $100 per ton in some cities. Private companies have also seen an increase in costs. Every year, many of these companies have to pay $150 per ton of rock salt. It is estimated that cities, towns, and private companies have spent $2 billion on rock salt for their annual budgets. As a result of these prices, many people are looking for alternatives to road salt for their businesses and communities.

These alternate ways are already in use to reduce the ice on sidewalks and roadways. It is not uncommon to find sand placed down on the streets. There have been communities using other unconventional substitutes on the road, such as beet juice or liquid cheese brine. While these alternatives are slow to catch on with some companies, they are more environmentally friendly and less expensive than road salt. In the coming years, you could see other deicing alternatives on the road of your hometown street.

Hands-Free Ice and Snow Removal

No one wants to trudge through the snow and shovel for hours in the cold. For many people, scraping ice and snow off the car can send a shiver down their spines. With today’s technology to improve snow removal, many vehicles are equipped with automatic starters that allow you to start your vehicle from the home or office. You can have a warm car without worrying about scraping ice off the windows. For those with older vehicles, remote car starters are easy to install and only cost a few hundred dollars. With these systems, you can eliminate the need to stay in a freezing car as you warm it up during the winter. These systems may seem like a luxury, but they could be worth it for those who live in colder climates.

Unfortunately, there is no “start” button to remove the ice and snow from your driveway or sidewalks. Some alternatives are available to keep your driveway free from snow this winter. New technology on the market allows you to have heated sidewalks and driveways. With these systems, the ice and snow will be automatically melted from your property. A heated driveway works similarly to an indoor floor heating system. They are becoming more popular with homeowners. When you have this system installed, there is tubing that runs underneath the driveway.

However, you will need to invest in a new driveway for your home since the existing surface must be removed. This system is extremely convenient, and you can control the heating system with a switch. Some models will even activate when snow hits the ground. These heated driveways systems seem like a dream, but they do come with a price. Many of them cost around $7,000 to $9,000. The prices will depend on whether your driveway consists of concrete or asphalt.

Digital Plowing Maps and Real-Time Tracking

During those heavy snowstorms, you want to know that your street is clear before heading off to work or school. In many communities, it can be challenging to wait for the neighborhood snowplow to remove the snow. Many cities are employing online plowing maps that allow residents to know when the roads are expected to be cleared. In some cases, you can even track when the streets were last plowed. If your street is not on the map, you can send a snow removal request.

It is not just cities taking advantage of these new GPS maps. Many private snow removal companies are using tracking devices to help keep their teams on schedule and allow customers to know when to expect a crew at their property. With this system, customers can get real-time updates from their snow removal company. Team leaders are even sending out plowing updates by text or providing pictures of completed jobs to clients. These updates allow you to know that the job was completed on time and up to your specifications.

Technology Improve The Importance of Ice and Snow Removal

Technology to improve snow removal has improved the lives of many Americans. Today, these modern inventions help those get through a long winter by keeping track of snowplows, reducing ice with road salt alternatives, and stopping snow from building up around your property. In the future, you can expect more innovative products to help take the frustration out of the winter season.

While not everyone depends on these new methods, keeping your sidewalks and driveways free from ice and snow is vital. It is your responsibility to clear these dangers from your property. Whether you have the latest technology or old-fashioned tools, winter is the time to keep everyone safe from these icy and snowy dangers.

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